The archetypal feminine and masculine in energy and information fields

A trail of conversations with Brenda Dunne, who managed the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab, has lead to these thoughts I want to share.

It started in our dialogue on Humanity Rising where Brenda shared a very interesting finding. Over the 28 years of research that they did into how people can effect otherwise random events using their intention, they discovered that men tended to get better results in terms of the direction they wanted something to move, whereas women tended to get better results in terms of the size of the change that they created. Men were more consistent in achieving the desired outcome of their intention but the amplitude of their results wasn’t particularly high. Women got higher amplitude and created greater deviance from randomness, but they were less consistent in moving the randomness in the direction they wanted.

I found this fascinating and felt at that moment that there was something important to dig deeper into. It reminded me of one of the core concepts in the ECOintention energetic work that I practice. We talk about two essential elements combining in the process of manifestation – attention and intention. Intention is what sends the information to the field, and attention is what amplifies the probability of it manifesting. The information sent by our intention is more a mind activity. The attention energy is more from the heart. Information, intention and the mind have more directionality to them and in that sense reflect more the archetypical masculine. Attention, energy and the heart are more sensation-based and reflect more the archetypal feminine.

Connecting this to Brenda’s observations would suggest that men were better at the archetypically masculine activity of sending information with clear intention from the mind, whereas women were generally better at the archetypically feminine activity of giving attention and energy from the heart. There would of course be exceptions, as the archetypal masculine and feminine are present in both men and women, and some men might have stronger feminine energy and some women might have stronger masculine energy. However the data seemed to suggest a logical correlation.

The conversation continued some months later over a rather large English breakfast in Skipton (UK) as we prepared for the Science and Consciousness event to be held at Broughton Sanctuary. Jeff Dunne, Brenda’s son, and Wolfhardt Janu, my partner in all things Wyrd, were both with us. Brenda and Jeff were having an exchange about the use of language to describe the phenomena and the potential sensitivities around it, when my mind drifted to this question of the archetypal feminine and masculine. I noticed a seeming contradiction in my understanding of the archetypal feminine, which was that on the one hand the feminine is about receptivity and sensitivity, and yet on the other hand here we had the feminine amplifying something. I mentioned this, and as is often the case, no sooner had I mentioned it than I got an image. It was an image of the sperm and the womb. Oblivious to our context in an English breakfast cafe, that image started to explore itself in our conversation. The womb is both a receptacle in that it receives the sperm, and at the same time it is an amplifier, as it creates the caring conditions for the sperm to grow into the baby. There we had an example of the archetypal feminine being both an all-embracing receiver, an energy-giver and an amplifier, meeting the archetypal masculine as the purpose- and direction-driven in-formational intention, to create life. Nice!

A few days later at a meal during the event, the inquiry continued to deepen around the nature of fields and the relationship between energy, information and the results that we were seeing through the Random Event Generators. The conclusion that crystallised in my mind was that the field itself is related to the archetypal feminine. It is the potential receptacle for information, which it amplifies. The more coherent the field, the greater the probability of a certain informational intention manifesting in the relative world. The FieldREG software that registers relative order in otherwise random data during collective events or at particular places, is I believe feeding back the relative order of the field. That field is influenced by the intensity of the heart energy, often felt as emotions, in a group.

When discussing this later with Wolf, he used the words “carrier field” to describe it – just as you have a field which carries the digital data to our wirelss devices. The field carries the information. The quality of the field is enhanced by attention. The quality of the information is enhanced by the clarity of the intention.

Jude Currivan once said to me, when I asked her to explain the difference between energy and information, that “energy is information in motion”. The energy waves of the field carry the information. With the Reflector software for the REG where you try to make a line go up or down a screen, you need to be able to combine an open and flowing heart energy with a clear intention. That is why we are most effective when we treat is as play, stay curious, unattached to the outcome, with a little smile on our faces. Most teachings around intention and manifestation suggest that once you have formed your intention, you let it go and then feel gratitude for it having manifested, as if it were already that way in the present. The heart connection has been shown to be critical for effective intention work. That’s what’s make it tricky – and fun! On the one hand you have a clear intention related to a desire for the future, and on the other hand you are more likely to achieve it the less attached your are to it! Nail in the coffin of the ego!

Since writing the first version of this article, someone pointed out that Jesus refers to God as Abba/Imma, Abba being the Father and Imma being the Mother. The polarity exists right at the foundation. A contributor to Quora describes Abba/Imma in this way:

“ABBA is a nickname for the sephirah of Chochmah, wisdom, while IMMA is a nickname for the sephirah of Binah, understanding. The explanation given is that Chochmah is like a flash of insight, like the seminal drop that is contributed by the father. Binah, understanding, takes this seminal drop of insight of Chochmah and develops it into details, examples, and ramifications, much as the mother receives the drop of semen and develops it into a child.”

Understanding field and form in this way explains why a practice like ECOintention seems to work. The focus is on creating a coherent energy field for the entity you are working with, which means that it is far more likely to be able to receive, feed and amplify the information contained in the intentions of the stewards of the entity. In ECOintention, the ECOintention Practitioner is checking and enhancing the energetic qualities of the field of the project. The only thing the stewards (the person or persons ultimately accountable for the entity) really have to do is to work consciously with a set of affirmations, which is what the ECOintention coach helps them with. The affirmations are based on a set of goals that are defined with the stewards at the start of the process, identifying what they want to achieve with their entity in the coming year. That provides the information that can be amplified in the field that is increasing in its coherence throughout the balancing process – ultimately increasing the probability that the stewards’ goals will be realised. Based on all the research for each of the hundreds of ECOintention projects run, this is generally the outcome.

At the individual level, the more we soften and relax, the more intuitive insight we are likely to receive, and the longer we hold that insight with curiosity, suspending judgement and analysis, the more it is likely to reveal and unpack itself, showing us the natural next step. Archetypally feminine heart-based attention increases coherence in the receiving and amplifying womb-like field which is then better able to nurture and grow the information held in our intentions, until it is ready to be born into our 3D relative world. I guess that’s just how life happens!

PS Maybe that’s what the Grail is all about – the receptacle that can take any intention and turn in into form…
PPS In one of our dialogues it was also pointed out that the feminine also has directional archetypes and the masculine has holding archetypes (like the masculine being the banks of the river and the feminine being the water that flows between them). As ever our concepts and language can get us in a muddle but hopefully the above is useful in some way. Feel free to add any further clarification you feel you might have in the comments below.


  1. Beautiful clarification, especially in combination with what you earlier said about the formation of crop circles. Reading that I realised that similar applier to a loving relationship. The real click between two partners requires intention (will, tension) as well as attention (safety, caring, receptivity) from both partners.

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