I believe in making explicit what I believe and what I don’t believe. It helps me to clarify things for myself and allows others to know where they stand with me. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on everything but at least we know where we are. So here’s a list of “I believe…” statements (and the occasional “I don’t believe…”) that I expect will continue to evolve over time.

The Nature of Life

  • I believe that the general directionality of life in our universe is towards increasing differentiation and increasing interconnectedness. As more parts are differentiated, refined and recognised so we can celebrate their uniqueness and their diversity, so more relationships spring up between the increasing number of unique parts. That is why increasing differentiation and increasing interconnectedness go hand in hand.
  • I believe that our models of evolution are too linear and don’t reflect the more organic nature of life. I believe a volutionary map of life is more adequate as it connects past and future and explains how the informational nature of reality manifests as physical form. I believe our e-volutionary models have a fragmented worldview of progress at their core that keeps us out of the present moment.
  • I believe that linear time is a relatively recent way of us understanding our reality and due to the fragmentation split it is now preventing us from healing ourselves and connecting to the rest of life around us. I believe we need to remember how to be in the present and from that place to sense what is wanting to emerge as the next step, then take that step and sense again – and repeat.

Information and Energy

  • I believe that life is one unified and interconnected reality composed of different relative densities of information.
  • I believe that what we take to be the normal reality of matter is a particularly dense form of information creating by standing waves of energy that carry that information. I believe that our collective belief systems in the present and from the past hold that structured information in place as form.
  • I believe that the information spectrum extends out beyond the material world we see around us to more subtle fields that act more like waves than what we define as particles (which I believe are actually just standing waves fixed in a certain pattern by observation).
  • I believe that everything with a name and a boundary has subtle information fields extending beyond its material form that in-form its material manifestation.
  • I believe that we can consciously interact with the subtle energetic information fields of everything with a name and a boundary. I believe that in that interaction we can increase the probability of an entity fulfilling its purpose in a way that is of service to all life.


  • I believe that at that core people are good, in the sense that they desire to make a positive contribution to life and thrive in healthy relationships with others.
  • I believe that “badness” or destructive behaviour stems from individual and collective traumas that have damaged our wholeness and access to the natural intelligence that guides us in our thriving and helping others to thrive.
  • I believe it is possible for everyone to heal traumas and return to a life of wholeness.
  • I believe that in order to take a next step on our individual and collective journeys we need to face and transform the blocked energies related to traumas of the past. I believe those blocked energies are precisely the energies we need to take that next step.

The Human Journey on Earth

  • I believe humanity is an expression of life on Earth attempting to become aware of ourself.
  • I believe life’s experiment in self-awareness that is humanity is at a critical juncture.
  • I believe our current challenges go back to a moment in our journey when we moved from Hunter-Gatherers with instinctive knowing and a direct experience of interconnectedness, to having a sense of separate self (ego) – an amazing step of life in itself! I believe during that emergence that instead of expanding our consciousness and embracing the instinctive interconnectedness of the past, we expanded and excluded it. I believe that separation is a trauma that is at the core of our current challenges – separating us from the Earth, the feminine, the body, each other and ultimately who we are.
  • I believe that in order to successfully transition through this current phase we need to heal our split with the rest of life around us. I believe that it is only when we do that that we will get access to the natural intelligence and subtle informational realms that we need to be able to evolve to the next phase in life’s conscious journey on Earth.
  • I believe that the next phase in our journey involves an intuitive knowing that comes from a conscious connection into the unified field of life from which we will be guided to do what needs to be done, from a place of complementary freedom and relationship. I believe we could move very swiftly and effectively to transcend our current challenges once we are in that place.

Conspiracies and Alternatives

  • I do not believe that there is a conscious “dark conspiracy” run by a small number of people to try and control the world and subjugate humanity. I believe there is an economic and governance system that drives wealth to the minority and creates division amongst people and all life, as a reflection of the fragmented nature of our consciousness.
  • I believe that our best strategy is to build an alternative society that makes the old one obsolete. I believe that if we do that from a place of wholeness then the old system will have little grip on it. I believe we need to be grateful for the problems that the old system solved, honour it for that and then bury it will due ritual. I believe to be able to do that, those working on the new system need to get it to a place of enough maturity to be able to take over the helm, so that the old system can let go. I believe that we have only ourselves to blame if we do not succeed as quickly as we would like.


  • I believe that we need to look after ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to be of greatest service to life.
  • I believe that our current mainstream systems of healthcare in industrialised countries are based in a worldview of fragmentation and generally do not help us to look after and heal/whole ourselves.
  • I believe there are cultures and practices of healthcare that do assume wholeness and are better at helping people to live healthy and purposeful lives.
  • I believe that interventions from industrialised healthcare can be useful under certain conditions and that “Western” science has brought us great progress in certain domains.
  • I believe that we would be far more effective at preventing and combatting disease and pandemics if we looked after ourselves and the rest of life on Earth from a place of interconnectedness.
  • I believe that our current industrialised lifestyles can require interventions such as vaccines to prevent greater unnecessary death and suffering.


  • I believe that our current industrialised economic system is fuelling all our current crises (social, health, ecological, psycho-spiritual) due to its foundations in a fragmented worldview and non- or under-valuation of all life on Earth.
  • I believe we should create alternative parallel economic systems locally, as well as regionally and globally that would support the thriving of all life on Earth.


  • I believe our industrialised education systems suffocate the life-force and destroy the creativity in our children. I believe a fragmented worldview underlies industrialised education which leads it to emphasise the cognitive rational intelligence and ignore the other multiple intelligences that make us whole. I believe that these education systems are radically inadequate for the challenges of our times and need to change urgently if we are to successfully navigate this transition.
  • I believe that we need to create new forms of learning that honour the whole person, are grounded in a worldview and experience of interconnectedness and are interwoven with us finding ways to express our purpose throughout our lives.


  • I believe the ecological balance of Earth is spinning out of balance which is creating the extremes in our weather conditions. I believe that unless something fundamental changes we will see ecological and human devastation at a scale we find hard to imagine and a pace we are not prepared for.
  • I believe the only way to prevent this is for us to remember deep down that we are Earth and learn again how to communicate with the non-human world so that they can feel us again, trust us and we may co-create a future in which all life can thrive.
  • I believe life on Earth is looking to restore a healthy dynamic balance in the ecosystem and should the human life-form fail to adapt quickly enough then it will perish along with many other forms of life on Earth until a new dynamic balance is established.
  • I believe that life would then look for another way to express its ability to become self-aware.


  • I believe our public governmental systems are far too bureaucratic and slow to respond quickly enough to the current challenges. I believe the industrialised democratic system is flawed and not designed to enable the best solutions to emerge and be implemented swiftly.
  • I believe our corporate business governance systems are too tied into an economic and finance system rooted in fragmentation to be able to prioritise what really needs to be done.
  • I believe there is an alternative and I have an article brewing on that!

ETs, Atlantis and Crop Circles

  • I believe there are very likely to be other forms of life out there in this massive universe of ours and that they may have visited us in the past and may even be with us now. I believe they probably exist in a different bandwidth which makes it hard for us to see and communicate with them.
  • I believe there may have been previous civilisations on Earth that were technologically and spiritually more advanced than ours. I believe they failed to learn how to handle the power that they gained access to and perished.
  • I believe that crop circles are created in an interaction between the physical, electromagnetic and informational dynamics of Earth and human consciousness.

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