Leading from
the Field

Twelve Principles for Energetic Stewardship

by Peter Merry, PhD

Volution - A Philosophy of Reconnection

Volution is a profound way of seeing ourselves, our world and the process of life that allows us to integrate our deep felt sense of interconnectedness and the dynamic self-organising reality that the new sciences describe to us.

Evolutionary Leadership

Evolutionary Leadership presents a new leadership approach that meets the current demand for a holistic vision of an increasingly complex society. In Evolutionary Leadership, Peter Merry combines theories and practices of, amongst others, Ken Wilber, Dr Don Beck and Peter Senge, into a model for leadership that is relevant not only for organisations, but also for our communities and personal life. Illustrated with stories of application, Evolutionary Leadership is a rich source of ideas, inspiration and practices for engaging the world of today.

Why Work?

Why Work? goes beyond being a philosophical book that makes you think about the nature of work and your choices in relationship to it. It can also be used to design community projects to support useful work, as well as guidelines for policy makers to put in place a supportive environment for people- and planet-friendly work and economics.