Peter is a recognised public speaker on the themes of leadership and organisation in times of major transition – often referred to as non-linear change. When the traditional ways of doing things start to fail us, and the new ways are not yet clear, how do we as individual leaders navigate ourselves, our organisations and our communities through the turbulence? Linear change strategies no longer work. Peter draws on a broad pallet of disciplines including quantum physics, transpersonal psychology, systems thinking, deep ecology and integral philosophy to help us see our current situation more clearly, feel its relevance to us and those around us, and inspire us to act. Given the current systemic challenges we face, his message is more relevant than ever.
Subjects that Peter can be invited to speak about include:

Transitions in
complex times

change in the context
of societal change




Volution theory –
an integrated
philosophy of life

Applying energetics
to large scale

Peter Merry has spoken in many different settings from the 900-people Klaar om te Wenden event, to Herman Wijffels 100-strong leaving event from the Dutch Economic and Social Council, to intimate inspiration-dinners with KPMG high-potentials. He has also spoken at numerous online conferences. With a background in theatre as well as group facilitation, he combines a performing presence with sensitivity to the needs of people in the room, creating a powerful all-round experience.

“Peter has the profound ability to communicate in a grounded and yet magical way what is needed from us to bring forward a more harmonious moment for humanity on Earth.”

Paris Ackrill, co-founder of Avalon Wellbeing Centre

“Peter Merry will be guiding us for many years into the future.”
Aart Bos, CEO Masterpeace

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