Leading from
the Field

Twelve Principles for Energetic Stewardship

by Peter Merry, PhD

“A beautiful and intuitive offering from a wise and well respected leader – I thoroughly recommend it to those who want to employ intuitive wisdom in their leadership in these challenging times.”

Malcolm Stern – Co-founder of Alternatives,
psychotherapist and author

“A must have that you will want to refer to over and over again. Connect to the essence of this beautifully powerful, captivating book and be prepared for your life and work to be forever changed.”

Diane Williams – Founder The Source of Synergy
Foundation; Initiator Evolutionary Leaders Circle

“Wise, inspiring and beautiful.”

Tim Freke – Philosopher and author of 35 books

If we assume, as both the new scientists and ancient wisdom traditions tell us, that all of reality is actually composed of interlocking dynamic energy fields, that life is a continuous process of organising energetic information into form, then what does that mean for the way we need to lead our organisations, be they business, civil society, government, community or even family systems?

Leading from the Field describes 12 principles that you can practise to create coherence in the field of any system that you are accountable for. The beautiful art custom created by Tyra enables you to go beyond a cognitive understanding and feel the quality of each principle.

Here’s a talk I gave as part of my Merry Musings
series with Ubiquity University,
describing the twelve principles.


Peter with Lynne McTaggart, author of bestseller The Field

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