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In today’s rapidly changing world it is essential that we design and lead our communities and organizations in a way that enables them to creatively ride turbulence while also making a positive impact. This course covers the subject of evolutionary change and its implication for us as individuals as well as for our organizational cultures and structures. You engage with integrative maps of organizational and leadership development, as well as instantly applicable practices for becoming more effective and dynamic as individuals and collectives.

Testimonial: “The content is mind-blowing. Peter Merry is a true master at providing a simple, but powerful whole-system framework, that helps me to see the world from an entirely new perspective.” B. Vanderbeek

This course takes a philosophical deep dive into a number of topics fundamental to human life on Earth. Dr. Peter Merry explores the history of these topics, how they have influenced the human story and what the implications might be in each area as we look to create a civilization that works for all life. Topics include economics, subtle fields, leadership, human ecology, volution, the trinity, science and spirituality, time, thought, language, geomancy, and crop formations.

Testimonial: “Beyond conscious leadership there is a field, and Peter Merry will meet you there. Peter is a modern-day mystic who has walked (and probably danced) through the halls of power and guided organizations for decades.”

Barrett C. Brown PhD, Executive Coach & Founder, Apheno Advisory

Many people exposed to Re-inventing or Teal Organizations, Integral Theory, and/or Spiral Dynamics love the concepts but struggle to work out how to apply the theory in practice. Peter Merry has been applying them to organizations for nearly 20 years. In this short course, he shares his understanding of the theories as well as his framings for and experiences of organizational design and development. His experience covers corporations, government, and NGOs.

Testimonial: “Peter Merry will be guiding us for more than 25 years into the future.”

Aart Bos, CEO Masterpeace

This short course explains with simple language and concepts what subtle energy and information are, and how to work with them in the context of organizations and nature. The very latest scientific research and leading-edge practices point towards a realm of significant possibility. Drawing on real-life experience of applying these approaches, Peter Merry opens our eyes to a vast and generally untapped potential in individual and collective development.

Testimonial: “I can’t recommend this course enough for those who want to access a larger field of intelligence and gain specific steps to use that data as a means to align a concept with the necessary mechanisms to increase the probability of its manifestation.” (Course Participant – Tony)