Wanting to know how you could apply the latest scientific and consciousness practices to your organization or habitat, to increase positive impact and help achieve your goals?
Wanting someone to reflect with you on your current practices? Or just interested in a fresh holistic perspective on a particular challenge you are facing?

Since 2010 Peter has immersed himself in the world of energy and information. In his ongoing quest to discover how we can make the greatest possible impact as quickly and efficiently as possible, he came across practices that had been proven to work. They stretch the boundaries of what we normally believe to be possible, but once you understand it, it’s obvious really.

The latest science explains reality as being a spectrum of more and less dense information. Think of the light spectrum. We accept that the spectrum is far bigger than what we can see with our eyes. It’s the same with information. The material world around us is information structured with a certain degree of density, that allows us to perceive it with our senses. However, beyond that there is information that is less dense, or more subtle, that we can’t perceive directly. It is carried on waves of energy and represents the relative probability of something manifesting our 3-D world. We cannot access it through our rational intelligence, as that excels at understanding the details of distinctions and parts. We have to use our intuitive intelligence that senses relationships and the whole.

Peter studied this deeply in his PhD research that lead to Volution Theory. He also trained in a number of the proven methodologies and now advises leaders and applies the practices to organisations and natural environments. His book Leading from the Field describes twelve principles for leaders to apply this understanding in their own contexts.

“Beyond conscious leadership there is a field, and Peter Merry will meet you there. Peter is a modern-day mystic who has walked (and probably danced) through the halls of power and guided organizations for decades.”

Barrett C. Brown PhD, Executive Coach & Founder, Apheno Advisory

Experience the Energetics

You can’t ignore the evidence any more! You know there is a powerful and grounded way to deal more gracefully with complex systems and challenges. Peter and his qualified network can guide you through the implementation of the most appropriate energetic intervention so you and your context can achieve your goals with greater ease and impact.

This is a longer-term process of bringing the energetic architecture of your organisation, community or land into coherence with your purpose and goals. Over a period of six to nine months, Peter works almost daily to remove blocked and stressed energies, ground your project, increase life energy where appropriate and ensure the greatest possible integration of inspiration and self-organisation, so that your dreams and ideas can turn into reality on an ongoing basis. You need to be careful what you ask for in this process, because you are likely to get it!

As well as the regular energetic work, the person or people responsible for the project meet with Peter about every six weeks to look at how the energetic developments can inform their work on the ground, and vice-versa. As part of this process, you learn to work with affirmations and intention, as well as with the core principles of energetic stewardship. You get a report on developments with energetic data and interpretation every two weeks. Once the energetic parameters have reached their target values (c.6-9 months), the project has about a three month stabilisation period where the parts of the system come into alignment, and from that moment on the opportunities are boundless – as long as you keep doing your energetic work!

Remember that the energetic work creates the energetic conditions that increase the probability of you achieving your goals. If you do nothing in the material world to achieve your goals, then nothing will happen, even though the potential remains!

A first step would be to identify the challenges you and your project are currently facing, and make a list of what you would want to achieve within a year. We will then carry out an energetic scan to assess the current situation, and check if it is possible and allowed to attune the project to be able to achieve the goals within that time frame.

Peter graduated in 2012 from the four year ECOintention vocational training with the Center for ECOintention. Among others, he has successfully balanced his own home environment, a co-working organisation for social entrepreneurs in Amsterdam, 3.600 ha of nature reserve in the Netherlands, a 3,000 acre estate in the UK.

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