On the photo: running a session at a conference

“The educator has the duty of not being neutral.” ― Paulo Freire

Peter has spent most of life involved in helping people to learn. From teaching in a secondary school in rural northern Ghana through to co-founding and leading an online global learning platform with Ubiquity University, he travelled via international youth work with the Council of Europe using experiential learning techniques such as interactive theatre to  training CEOs and government Ministers. Peter is recognised as one of the world’s top experts on leadership.

“Peter Merry is a true master at providing a simple but powerful whole-system framework, that helps me to see the world from an entirely new perspective.”

B. Vanderbeek

Check out Peter’s online courses:
Merry Musings: Philosophical Reflections on Life, the Universe and Everything
12 Modules

An Introduction to Energetics (4 modules)

4 Modules

Transformational Leadership, Strategy and Governance 

15 Modules

Organization by Natural Design (4 modules)

4 Modules