So why the radio silence on my blog? Sorry if you’ve been hoping for more…

Since September 2012 I have been full-on in manifestation mode with the co-creation of Ubiquity University – a new enterprise creating an online learning and innovation platform, designed to release the creativity, collaboration and complex problem-solving needed to engage the challenges of our time. Ubiquity was founded by current President Jim Garrison. Our inaugural Chancellor is Ken Wilber, as we seek to embed an integral approach into the learning experience. Engaging the student as a whole person and demonstrating the fundamental interconnectedness of the world are key principles at Ubiquity. You can see an announcement website and teaser video at www.ubiquityuniversity.org.

We are getting closer to launch, after which I will be able to share more. For now, watch this space…

PS My thinking around volution (see this earlier blog) continues to evolve in the background and will be core to my Ph.D.

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  1. Much love and blessings to you and Ubiquity, Peter! We are looking forward to the unfolding!

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