Here is a recording of an interview that Barbara Marx Hubbard did with me for her Shift Network course on Generation One. It was lots of fun and great to have Barbara asking the questions and holding space.


  1. Thanks for sharing Peter!

  2. Thank you!! Looking forward to collaborating šŸ™‚

  3. In a way, I need to disagree that there are no Elders who can say “Here’s how you move through this crisis.” In my reality, they are available, but just not in the 3-D world of ordinary human consciousness. They are from other worlds and higher dimensions of consciousness, and they are communicating to as many of us as they possibly can, all the time, about what might be helpful to us in dealing with our global crisis, because they indeed have been through similar kinds of crises on their own worlds.

    And later in the interview you mention the Devas and other Nature spirits, and what they know that we don’t, and that we can align with their wisdom. In a way, though they are part of the crisis, subject to it we might say, I am betting there is some Elder wisdom there which as you indicate, we would do well to draw upon. Not that those spirits have been through this and are speaking from experience, but nonetheless, they have relevant wisdom we do not have!

    OTOH it is useful to feel thrown onto our own best resources, and not be able to count on any outside advice or practical help, though I think even the latter will be forthcoming. So I align with her basic reason for saying there are no Elders and we are all in the same boat!!

    On the other other hand, while the externals and the scale of the crisis are unprecedented, the basic aspects of human consciousness which have created it, are well known to the Elders of humanity, who have many useful things to say about those aspects of ourselves!

    And from yet another view, evolution never repeats anything, so ALL “Elder wisdom” is at best, partial, because it is based on the past, and while there might be similarities to NOW, NOW is unique, and always will be.

  4. Hi Peter,

    In this interview Barbara asked you to characterize Yellow, Turquoise, Coral, and Teal. You noted a very significant difference between Yellow and Turquoise, a difference I’ve been writing about in several places and which I would like to see get more “air-time” amongst Integrally-interested, SD-interested folks. So I was happy to hear you talk about it!

    Most recently, I’ve been bumping up against the limits of characterizing “We-spaces” as “Second-Tier,” without further differentiation, and have identified a few distinctions I believe are useful; you might find them useful in your work also.

    Here is my first blog on the topic, with the basic distinctions between Yellow and Turq we-spaces, (in which I link to your book Evolutionary Leadership)

    and here is a deeper dive into one particular about Turquoise:

    And I just did one on Third Tier we-space distinctions

    and one on the possible parameters of we-space descriptions.

    I started my blogged explorations of we-spaces with first-person and third-person characterizations of “emergent collective intelligence”

    which I now see is a description of Turquoise we-space, and then I contrasted it with “aggregate collective intelligence”
    which is Yellow or earlier, I see now.

    I would love to hear your further reflections about any of this!

    BTW I cite one of your blogs in the right-hand column of mine, as another “exploring second and third tier.”

    Loving your interview with Barbara, so many wonderful ideas raised, thank you so very much, I am so resonating!! I will listen again and pull out the gems for future reference!

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