I wrote this after watching the Bohemian Rhapsody film. For some reason it really grounded me in the essence, and I needed to write something down to remind myself of priorities. When I read it out last night, just as text, people commented afterwards on how much they liked the “poem”, so maybe it’s a poem! And a New Year’s resolution…

(Image by Alex Grey, Galactic Resonance)

The Core (written to myself as much as to anyone else)

We are on the edge of extinction ourselves and are co-responsible for the extinction of thousands of other species.
We have forgotten who we are, what our heritage is, where we are from.
We are born of this Earth, we are this Earth, expressing itself in human form.
This is the Earth talking to itself and listening to itself.
The only thing we should be focusing on is are we, is each of us, doing what we can do to help life on Earth survive and thrive, and enable this great experiment of life as a self-conscious human being to continue?

Are we proud of ourselves, of the human race?
Do we believe we are worth it?
Or have we given up,
choosing to forget,
as remembering is too painful
and asks too much of us?

Nothing is too much, if we truly remember.
We need to remember who we are.
Incredible, creative beings of this mother earth,
with the ability to think, feel, be conscious,
make amazing things,
come up with creative solutions together that no one of us could have come up with on our own.

Are you worried about giving up your old ways,
your job and lifestyle that is part of a dying world?
Are you worried that you might not be able to make a living doing the thing only you can do best to contribute to life?
Isn’t that ridiculous?!
You are life and life is you!
When you act to support life, life supports you.
When you act from trust and compassion you are repaid through unconditional love and support.
Life loves you.
This Earth loves you.
Why would it abandon you if you remembered you were part of it and acted as such?

It is a time to be bold.
Fear not!
Trust life!
Wake up!
Shake off the skin of the deadening world we call normal and come alive!
Believe in yourself!
Believe in life!
Do what needs to be done, now and every moment of your life.
That on your death bed you may look back and know you have lived this life given to you to the highest of your potential.
That your children and grandchildren will draw from your energy and example when they think about you.

No compromise!
There is no other time than now.
Here and now.
The future is forged and the past re-defined by the choices we make in each present moment,
to serve life with all our being,
full of passion and compassion,
wildness and humility,
vision and presence.

Nothing else will suffice.
Our earth mother and cosmic father are testing us now.
Do we believe we are worth it?
Are we going to pick up the gauntlet?
Or just fade away in the annals of history as the generations who chose not to see,
who chose not to feel,
and who chose not to act?

The choice is ours.
Ultimately life will find a way forward, whatever happens.
But shame on us if we don’t put into practice now the millions of years of evolution that have gone into making us who we are.
Shame on us.

And blessings on us if we choose to show up as the great beings we are and bring heaven and earth together in this miracle of life.
Blessings on us.
We can do this – if we choose to.
I do.
Do you?

Culemborg, January 6th 2019


  1. Hello Peter,

    I’ve just read your text and I couldn’t agree more with what you say.
    Climate change is real, and so are its dangers. There is no use to deny it.

    However, I would like to ask you a little question.
    Right now, I’m at home. I’m sitting in front of my computer. It’s winter and all the heaters are turned on. However, I’m freezing here in my appartment. I’m freezing because I live in a building which was built in the early sixties. No one here can afford the necessary home repairs for thermic isolation. Instead of having financial help from the government, we are being punished, because in our condominium we will have to pay a fine for not doing these repairs. The fact is: we are “too rich” to get financial help from the governement but “not enough rich” to pay these home reparis..

    So… yes, it’s true, we have to do something for our planet, but what can we do when we are so helpless? I live in France and, as you probably know, there is the “yellow vests” movement. Why do these people demonstrate? Because they are as helpless as I am. They care for the planet, but they can’t go without a car to go to work and live a normal life. The “yellow vests” live in small towns where there isn’t any kind of public transportation. They can’t afford to buy electric cars or any car which pollutes less than their diesel cars (this is the very first reason for their rebellion, because they were supposed to pay higher taxes for diesel). They live, just like me, in old appartments and houses, because “ecologically compliant” houses and appartments are too expensive for most of us.

    This is not just a matter of “old ways versus new ways”. This is about being lectured all the time about climate change and the need to save our planet, without proper means to do something.

    So, here is my question: what can we do change things in such circumstances?
    Your reply will be welcome.

    • Thanks Carla. Yes, very few if any of us can live it 100% in our current society. That is what creates so much pain as well – the knowledge that we are causing harm against our will. All any of us can do is the best we can given our circumstances. As long as we are making conscious choices all along, then we can do no more.

      • Hello Peter,

        Thanks for you reply.
        As you said, as long as we are making conscious choices all along, then we can do no more. And this is really desperating.

        This makes me very angry: many people who do big speeches about ecology and climate change try to make the average citizen feel guilty about it. We, average citizens, we do what we can, but is it enough? What about governments and big corporations?

        Here in France, Oxfam complained against French government for not doing anything to fight for a cleaner planet.

        Macron presented a very nice slogan against Trump during his presidential campaign: “Make the Planet great again”. Lovely, isn’t it? However, why does the average taxpayer have to pay for climate change whilst big corporations don’t do anything?
        Macron is nothing but a filthy rich, hypocrite and arrogant brat who knows nothing about life, who doesn’t know what it is to try to make ends meet every month, and he lectures the whole world

        Me and many other people, we do what we can. But, sadly, we can’t do it all…

        Well, I finish for now. I wish you a very nice weekend.

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