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A Journey to Re-discover the Energetic Navel of the Netherlands

The Source

As I walked out of the Henge shop in Avebury in the summer of 2007 I had a strong sense that the book I had just bought was going to open many doors. It was a fairly old book, containing what sometimes looked like photocopied articles from a variety of authors, pulled together under the book title “Anti-Gravity and the World Grid”. The “world grid” was the bit that grabbed me, as somewhere I was on a quest to learn more about the Earth’s energy body and how to relate to it.

One of the articles in that book had stood out for me as I browsed through. Written by Richard Leviton, it sketched out a picture of the planet covered in different energetic features, in a way that for some reason resonated strongly. It was both the significant implications of his experience as well as the lightness with which he held it that attracted me. And it provided me with a way in to a world that I felt strongly drawn to.

The Invitation

Once back home in the Netherlands, I knew that something had shifted in me and that I needed to give it attention. So in a moment of reckless freedom I tracked down Richard’s number and called him. Richard is a trained clairvoyant, author of 22 books on geomantic topics, teaching geomantic interactions through workshops and specialized training tours emphasizing the clairvoyant decoding of myths as psychic maps to the geomantic landscape. I think I had forgotten that he lives in Sante Fe but luckily got him at a reasonable time of day. His wife answered. He was in the garden.

I told him about the article I had read. He quickly qualified it saying he had written it a long time ago, so I asked him what he was up to now. A story unfolded of the decoding of place-related myths to discover information about the energetic architecture of those places, interactions with an angelic family, clairvoyant viewing of sacred sites, and at some point he mentioned work he had done around Lake Tahoe and linked it to the energetic umbilicus of land areas.

Now, I was on a bit of a mission at that time to make the sacred landscape of the Netherlands more visible and explicit. I had a sense that the energy of the country would settle more, releasing creative power and relaxing control, if we could bring that dimension of reality more into people’s awareness. So in that context I asked Richard if it would be possible to find the energetic umbilicus of the Netherlands. He said that there would definitely be one, and the least we could do was to look for it. Every country has an umbilicus or energy focussing node that services the Light grid pattern of that country with celestial energy. It is a country’s most important place, where the folksoul essence of that people and its land and its relationship to the land is maintained. He noted that Avebury was the energetic umbilicus of the planet, where all the energy lines come together and exchange information with the galaxy.

So I invited Richard to come over the Netherlands for a few days to teach me and anyone else interested in the work that he does, and as part of that to go on a quest for the Dutch umbilicus. We set dates for May 2008.

A Journey

We gave ourselves three days, based in Otterlo near the Hoge Veluwe, a beautiful location also close to some of the places Richard had identified in advance. His workshops involve talks in the mornings, illustrating the links between mythology and energetic landscape features, combined with some basic clairvoyancy training, and then field work in the afternoons. On the first day we explored nearby, meeting various elementals and a couple of interesting energetic features.

The next day, we set out on the trail of one of the myths that we had encountered on our research before the event. The story was focused on the area around the Uddeler and Bleke Lakes (called Ontstaan van het Uddeler- en Bleekemeer, in van de Wall Perne’s collection of stories from the Veluwe area, Veluwsche Sagen). See the box for a summary. One of the key places in the story is Donderberg, the place where Thor’s (Donar’s) unmanned chariot crashes. Richard gets guidance that we should go there. So in the afternoon we head off to Donderberg in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. At the top of the hill, Richard takes us on a clairvoyant tour of what is there, which seems to reveal itself to him as he talks. What we discover is a feature that he calls a Head of God. It appears in a big hall as a huge head with many faces. Lots of other folks show up for the party too.

On the way home, Richard is still not sure where the umbilicus is. He asks me to read out the full story in English. At a certain point in the story, a light goes on. After Thor has struck the serpent with his hammer, both the serpent and the tree it is climbing sink into the earth. Richard points to that image and I see how easily this could point to an umbilical cord – serpent coiled around tree with roots and branches sunk into the earth. Also, every national umbilicus and its national angel or egregore is protected by a dragon. A dragon, in myth (here a serpent), is usually identical with a dragon in the subtle realms; therefore, where you see the dragon is a significant clue. Once you know the code, it is somehow so simple …


So Uddel it was to be for the last day. As we approached the place where the Uddel lake was, we put on all our fancy clairvoyant gear, and used a psychic tool called golden Hello! roses as a way of expressing our greetings to the great coiled figure in light. This involves picturing a beautiful rose in gold, writing the word Hello! on it, and offering it to the spirit in question. We then head off on a path with the lake on our right and woods on the left.

On the way I notice a few signs recounting how people used to live here long ago, and pointing to its historical and archaeological significance. Intriguing. We prepare by greeting the dragon, a psychic being with powerful reservoirs of life-force and cosmic energy that needs to be treated with respect and caution. We insert a sword into his side to tease out some of the light that he holds. So far so good…

As we walk down the path with the lake on the right, I am wondering where we are going to find this umbilicus. Then I become aware of an open space on my left. I walk up a little bank and the words that fall out of my mouth are “This is just like Avebury!”. Facing me is a round open space, about

100m in diameter, encircled with raised grass banks, with trees the other side of the banks. The side facing the lake is open. There are markings of ancient settlement inside the circle. There are openings through the raised banks at roughly 90 degree intervals. It looks just like a miniature version of Avebury. And if Avebury is the energetic umbilicus of the planet, this surely looks like a good contender for a local umbilicus. A mixture of “of course!” and “this is incredible!” run through my system.

We walk around a bit, then step outside the main circle to take a clairvoyant tour. We encounter the national egregor, the Angel for the Netherlands. It is the country’s most important (and vulnerable) geomantic asset. Romans used to use black magic to capture a country’s egregor before they physically invaded the land. Engaging the egregor should be not be taken lightly.

For me she (it feels feminine) is indeed big and white, with a huge stream of energy flowing up and down. Others show up – ray masters, elementals, angels – and I get an image of energy flowing to and from this place through veins that run through the landscape. There is a party going on – it seems like people are glad to see us. It is a deeply moving experience in particular for the Dutch people present.

So, mission accomplished, we head home. It feels like the end of one journey and the start of a much bigger one…


Since then we have visited this site a number of different times with different people, and all have significant experiences in their own way. It feels like the place is waking up after many years of slumber as we re-awaken to who we are and the nature of our relationship to the Earth and all who dwell here.

Afterwards I discovered that that piece of land and much around there was owned for a long time by the royal family. It is now part of the Kroondomein ‘t Loo, and any harvest from the land still goes to the royal family. The public have access to much of the land although it is not visited much. It is curious to me as an Englishman. This kind of site, even if it were just for its history and archaeology, would be a popular destination. It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the years to come.

In the meantime, go and see for yourself. The national Angel is there, but how we all look for it and the way we see it will be different. Remember that if you are going to connect to the subtle energetic realm, look after yourself and treat the place properly. And don’t forget to check in with dragon first!

Peter Merry, Culemborg, February 2011
With thanks to Richard Leviton for reviewing and making a few key suggestions.


  1. Thanks for bringing us to Uddel during a break in the ALIA Conference. I still remember it as an incredible experience, as if the place also functions as a “long distance” telephone connection to galaxy-distance resources and intelligences. When I picked up the phone it was immediately live, and those who answered were surprised and a bit disappointed at how long it has been since we humans have used the phone to call home. Interesting.

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