This post combines insights from Hans Andeweg’s book In Resonance with Nature and the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) conclusions (see

In the ECOintention work ( Andeweg and colleagues have discovered interesting biological and energetic behaviour in forests. As part of this work, they measure the energetic radiation of trees which can be directly related to their biological vitality. When the energies of trees overlap (see right-hand image in picture above), they exchange information and support each other in tackling their challenges – the whole is more than the sum of the parts. There is greater coherence, vitality, complexity and diversity in the forest. Overlapping energies create a variety of energetic spaces within which life can take new forms (see image). When overlapping, the coherent field they create with each other also keeps out other life that does not fit in that eco-system.

If trees are sick and their radiation drops, they become disconnected from each other and start competing for resources. Complexity and diversity also drop. As the coherent field disintegrates, life forms that don’t fit that ecosystem also start appearing.

I believe the same applies to systems of people. When we have energetic alignment of people behind a shared purpose, we create a coherent field within which each person’s unique contribution can be made, in which requisite diversity can flourish, and in which people who don’t fit naturally fall away. People’s own radiation is overlapping in the context of this greater whole. When that coherence falls away, people move into a more competitive mindset where what is most important is to look after their own interests and an increasing number of dysfunctional people appear (which tends to be the case is most large organisations that I’ve experienced).

Now one of the key findings from the PEAR project was that when a group of people came into coherence behind a shared purpose, it impacted the Random Event Generators (REG), meaning that their collective force was influencing an otherwise random field of events. I then started pondering the relationship of this to HeartMath work, where they find that greater heart coherence also means greater heart-rate variability – so coherence enables diversity, like in the forest. In human systems, I believe the same applies – the greater the coherence in the collective field, the more each individual can emphasise the unique contribution they can make, being uplifted in their own unique gifts as the collective benefits – deeper communion and more powerful agency. So as the HeartMath sensors register heart coherence in the individual, could the Random Event Generators be registering heart coherence in the collective field? It’s a hypothesis we are going to explore further in our Center for Human Emergence Netherlands “Turquoise research project” (“turquoise” refers to the 8th level value system in Spiral Dynamics).


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