This is the pre-paper that I wrote for Wisdom University’s Fundamentals of Cosmometry virtual intensive. It carries a creative commons copyright. 



This paper describes my current understanding of life, the fundamental patterns at work, and the implications of that for our work in the world – in a very compact nutshell! It draws on my collaboration with Dylan Newcomb, input from Marshall Lefferts at the Wisdom University Chartres intensive 2011, the work of Nassim Haramein, ECOtherapy concepts and practice of Hans Andeweg, and my own original ideas.

Three Architectures

I understand reality as composed of what I call three primary architectures: material, relational and energetic. The quality of the material is defined by the quality of the relational which is defined by the quality of the energetic.

Fundamental Form and Dynamic

The torus is the form and dynamic that connects up and informs each of these architectures. In its movement it is continually channelling energy into form and taking the resonance of the form back into the energetic, through the relational. It is like breathing, where theoutbreath crystallises

into form and the inbreath stretches up into the subtle realms. Geometrically this can be seen in the dynamic vector equilibrium (which Buckminster Fuller called the“jitterbug”) which expands and contracts through the platonicsolids, connecting information to form. The torus and vector equilibrium are the form and dynamic at every holarchical location in life.


I have termed this process of life “volution”. The reason for this originally was that I felt this process described both the process of the evolution of form and the involution of energy into form. Evolution and development (unfol
ding) were therefore inadequate words to

describe the process of life. When I looked up the term volution I found that it meant spin – which is precisely what the torus is doing the whole time. Spin is what holds form together through gravitation and ensures flow between more and lense dense layers of energy.

Integration of Information and Form

The dynamic exchange between information and form can be seen as the
primary process of life. It can be depicted in this way, where the blue triangle representsinformation and the red triangle form. In the first image thetwo are stretched and hold a creative tension in polarisation. A life process reaches maturity when information and form are fully integrated, as depicted in the next image.When a system is ready to move into transformation to its next level of manifestation, the points of the two triangles push through each other, as in the third image. This
creates a symbol that has been used in many sacred traditions. It essentially represents transformation through the inter-penetration of heaven and earth.

Manifestation of Life in the Third Dimension

It is the process of dynamic exchange between form and information that leads to the manifestation of infinitely diverse expressions of life. They emerge literally at the place where heaven (information) and earth (form) meet, and it manifests at a ninety degree angle to the vertical axis.  This can be seen also in this side-on image of a galaxy from NASA where the identified two bulbs of energy above and below the plane of the galaxy.


The Double-Torus

Nassim Haramein postulates that the core dynamic isactually that of a double torus. He depicts it like this right.

If we take the two triangle model, it would look like the next image. This makes sense to me, as in the two triangle model (taken from the work of Hans Andeweg), the blue line represents incoming subtle energy, and the red line represents outgoing energy manifest in form. So in the double torus model, the two form lines meet in the middle to produce life in the ninety degree plane.




The Holographic Torus

Reading about holographic conceptions of the universe, I contemplated its relationship to the concepts above, and this is what emerged.

A hologram is made by a laser beam (source light) being split in two. One beam is kept pure while the other meets the object that is to be projected in a hologram. Then the two beams are brought back together again and they create a wave form on a holographic sheet. The laser light that continues to flow through that sheet creates a 3-D image of the original object.  Once more heaven (light) meets earth (form) to create the image.

Imagine the outer skin of a torus being like a holographic plate. It contains a wave pattern formed by the untouched half of a split beam of cosmic source light (heaven) and the other half of the light beam that has been informed by an archetypal form. The pattern that lies on the skin of the torus continues to differentiate itself within the body of the torus through the movement of the vector equilibrium. Once the wave patterns are coherent enough, they manifest in what we can perceive as form at the ninety degree angle. The I Ching concept of continually differentiating yin-yang polarities helped me to understand how the differentiation / manifestation process could like to archetypal patterns in a hologram. Archetype is therefore a relative concept. It refers to more fundamental patterns that inform our more differentiated reality. The higher up the I Ching tree you get or the closer to the edge of the torus you get, the more fundamental the archetype – with pure yin-yang / sacred mother – sacred father being the most fundamental archetype. Everything else is a differentiation of those two.

An interesting thing to note at this point is that the outer skin of the torus is also the innermost layer, closest to the black hole at the center. So one would expect matter to be most crystalline at the half-way point between the hole and the skin of the donut, so to speak.

I also believe identifying a boundary to the torus is actually an arbitrary action. The holographic formation of a torus is an infinite process of interaction between light and form. I believe there are layers we can identify, like auras related to chakras, but that they just keep on going. Ultimately they all overlap with each other.

Wave Interference and Manifestation

Denser expressions of energy (in for example form that we can see) come from the coherent overlapping of waves. The vesica pisces symbol of two overlapping circles has often been used as a symbol of creation.   Global Scaling has identified the pattern that emerges in that overlapping. It describes the distribution patterns of matter in the universe. We can directly link the densification of energy into mass to overlapping waves. This is what is going on in the constant interaction between information and form. In fact, it would be more accurate to describe this as an ongoing ebb and flow of energy between denser and subtler states. At all levels energy is densifying into greater coherence and disintegrating into less coherence. The denser the level of the holarchy, the longer the life cycle. At each level, life is exploring how to prolong its coherence. Humans have got to 67 years on average. Rocks longer.

Interacting with Life as a Holographic Torus

This is what I call systemic energy tuning and is based on the ECOtherapy work of Hans Andeweg and Rijk Bols. In this section I look to combine what I have learned of this practice with my cosmology above.

The vitality of a living system can be measured by:

– how grounded it is (%age grounding)

– how adequately its own information field is integrated into form (Bovis scale)

– how fit it is with its context (%age organisation and adaptation – POA)

– how much life energy is present (%age orgone)

– how much blocked and stressed energy is present (%age dor & oranur)

These indicators can be measured at three levels (source: ECOtherapy):

Concept level – where visions and plans happen


Contact level – where communication happens


Realisation level – where things get done


Interventions in the energetic field of a system can comprise of:

grounding the form so that it shapes up more coherently

– bringing the form into appropriate contact with its own information field

– accessing information from other information fields if it does not itself hold adequate information to meet its challenges & perform its function in the bigger whole

clearing blockages and stress that are preventing life force and information from flowing

adjusting life energy to fit the potential of the system to work with the available information

What do the interventions actually do, from a holographic torus perspective?

Grounding – increases the gravitational force in the 3D plane, helping to cohere the parts into a more coherent structure that can process maximum information and life force.

Increasing access to own information field (measured in Bovis) – holographic reality is composed of wave interference patterns. When the waves cross at a junction, they create an intersection which forms a space between the lines that cross. This space can expand to breath with the vector equilibrium dynamic. If those intersections are contracted, then there is less space and flexibility to breathe and access more complex information. Opening them up increases the access to information.

Removing blockages (dor) or stress noise (oranur) – here we harmonise incoherent and congealed energy that is in the wave intersection spaces so that the vector equilibrium breathing process can flow and project coherent geometry / information as form.

Accessing information from outside the system – here we bring the system into resonance with other more universal energy fields that contain a vast array of information.

Increasing life energy (orgone) – here we are drawing more life energy in from the center seed point of the torus, where the heart of the system is, with a black hole connected to unlimited resources of cosmic energy.


So far my understanding of life, the universe and everything, and my role in it.


  1. Wow!! What a great paper, Peter! Interacting with Life as a Holographic Torus–lots of implications for the work I do. Thank you very much. Hope to see you at Calen’s in Sept.

  2. Amazing Peter. I will have to read your paper several times to “get it.” And I am fascinated by it! Thank you. 🙂

  3. This is very fascinating. Much of this corresponds with recent Visions that I have had, and explanations from my Inner Voice about it all. Thanks for sharing this.

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