This is a longer-term process of bringing the energetic architecture of your organisation, community or land into coherence with your purpose and goals. Over a period of six to nine months, Peter works almost daily to remove blocked and stressed energies, ground your project, increase life energy where appropriate and ensure the greatest possible integration of inspiration and self-organisation, so that your dreams and ideas can turn into reality on an ongoing basis. You need to be careful what you ask for in this process, because you are likely to get it!

As well as the regular energetic work, the person or people responsible for the project meet with Peter about every six weeks to look at how the energetic developments can inform their work on the ground, and vice-versa. As part of this process, you learn to work with affirmations and intention, as well as with core principles of energetic leadership. You get a report on developments with energetic data and interpretation every two weeks. Once the energetic parameters have reached their target values (c.6-9 months), the project has about a three month stabilisation period where the parts of the system come into alignment, and from that moment on the opportunities are boundless – as long as you keep doing your energetic work!

Remember that the energetic work creates the energetic conditions that increase the probability of you achieving your goals. If you do nothing in the material world to achieve your goals, then nothing will happen, even though the potential remains!

A first step would be to identify the challenges you and your project are currently facing, and make a list of what you would want to achieve within a year. We will then carry out an energetic scan to assess the current situation, and check if it is possible and allowed to attune the project to be able to achieve the goals within that time frame.

Peter graduated in 2012 from the four year ECOintention vocational training with the Center for ECOintention. As part of the training so far, he successfully balanced his own home environment, a co-working organisation for social entrepreneurs in Amsterdam and 3.600 ha of nature reserve in the Netherlands.

See the ECOintention website for case studies and more information.