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Walking around town recently I experienced an overwhelming sense of compassion for us humans – all trying to do our best under conditions that are challenging, to say the least.

Somehow in the industrialised world most of us have lost contact with the essence of who we are. We have forgotten that we are the Earth expressing itself in human form. We have forgotten that we are interconnected with all life on Earth and beyond. We have lost touch with that deep sense of belonging that brings so much rest and peace. We have forgotten what it means just to simply be present in the moment with what there is, losing ourselves in regrets from the past or fears from the future. We have lost touch with our inner worlds and senses, the core of our being, flinging ourselves into the distractions of the world around us on a futile search to fill the inner void through material means when it can only be filled by stopping and turning inward. And we feel something is fundamentally wrong but don’t know what to do about it.

Realising that, it is actually incredible we are still alive as a species! In that context I feel immense compassion for all my fellow humans. The amount of pain most of us carry around, the pain of that fundamental separation, that we avoid facing by keeping our eyes firmly focused outward. Deep down it feels too scary to go inside and face it. Our psychological coping mechanisms keep us well away – leading unfortunately to us inflicting even greater suffering on ourselves, each other and the rest of life on Earth. Is it any surprise that our galactic neighbours have yet to reveal themselves to us and drop in for a cup of tea!

We are caught up in constructs of our own making, built on the foundations of our separation from the inner worlds. An economic system that tries to keep us moving at full speed so we can collect more and more stuff to distract us and prevent us from stopping to face the pain. Systems of education and employment that suck our life force and churn out “human resources” to feed that soulless economic system. A healthcare system that treats us like machines and financial assets, dehumanising us further. Political systems that have become slaves to the now globalised economic and financial religion of unbridled capitalism, stripped of any real power to look after the people, communities and ecologies of the land they govern. Is it any surprise that we are struggling, as human beings with hearts and souls, to feel whole in that heartless and soulless world we have built around us? To create societies that are an expression of our highest enlightened potential?

Deep down most of us are traumatised by that separation from Self, each other and Earth. Let’s look at each other through the eyes of compassion, see each other’s suffering, help each other to see the pain and be with it. Help each other to recover from these few hundred years of insanity and restore our human dignity, deconstruct the life-sucking systems we built in the past and create something worthy of who we really are. Forgive the expressions of anger, frustration and despair, knowing that so many of us can’t even see or feel the pain that lies beneath. Help each other to heal, make whole. Learn the martial and healing arts to protect yourself and others from the uncontrolled violence still to come and channel that energy into feedback and love.

Fundamentally, we need to see each other as the wounded Earthlings we really are at this moment, regenerating our inner and outer worlds together, one step at a time. Rehumanise ourselves. With all the love and compassion we can muster.

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The Volution book is out!

I received a lovely birthday present in the email this morning that nudged me to let the world know that the Volution book is out!

“Thrilled that Volution is out!!! Bought my copy and find myself highlighting nearly every page, forwarding link to friends & colleagues.”

Volution is the concept that emerged during the seven years I spent curating my PhD dissertation at Ubiquity University’s Wisdom School. Much of it, including the name, dropped in as an insight as I contemplated the findings of my research. I have a strong feeling that the perspective is really needed in the world and can help the great reconnection in many ways.
Volution takes us beyond the linearity of e-volution (and in-volution) to where creation is one organic breathing process. It shows how all the wisdom traditions I’ve been able to find actually describe this same process and how it reflects the latest scientific perspectives.
Volution also shows us how the past is intertwined with the future, holding energy we need to release to take our next step – integrated in the now of the present moment. It has profound implications for the way we see ourselves and the world. I believe it can help us humans to heal on many levels and take our place on Earth as the amazing expression of life that we really are.
For my own life, it feels like everything I write or undertake from here on in will be a footnote to Volution. This lays the foundation. I know “I” didn’t write Volution – it came through me. It brings a deep sense of peace to my soul. I trust it will find its way to the right people at this time.

Natural Knowing (vs Artificial Intelligence)

face of old woman at panauti

Yesterday I hosted a Humanity Rising session on remote perception, as part of our science and consciousness week, linking in to the nature of extra-terrestrial intelligence and UAP disclosure. The panel included two remote viewers and a researcher. The way these guys talked about how they access information made me think about Artificial Intelligence, which is all the rage now.

In an earlier blog I explored how AI is by definition sourced from the past and that there is a form of intelligence that is sourced from the future, which is more what we should be guided by. Over the last few days that crystallised for me in the term “Natural Knowing”.

Clear Knowing

The term “clairvoyance” is probably the most well known of the “clair-” terms. It just means seeing clearly. But there are other terms that people use to describe accessing information in ways beyond our cognitive intelligences. “Clairaudience” is hearing clearly, “clairsentience” is feeling clearly, “claircognizance” is knowing clearly.

We tend to believe that these abilities are reserved for especially gifted psychics. However all the research I have come across, including the 28 years of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, and all the practitioners I have talked to in this area, point to the fact that everyone has these abilities – we have just shut them down. Now they also say that some people seem to be naturally better than others, just as with any other craft, like playing a musical instrument. We can all learn to do it, but some of us have more of a leaning towards it than others.

What is clear is that we all have the ability at a basic level to access information from anywhere in space and time. In fact many of us experience that without being aware of it. Have you ever thought of someone just before they called, texted or emailed you? Have you ever felt someone staring at you and then turned round to see them look away? Have you ever had a feeling about something in the future to see it actually happen? All of these things are actually quite common, as biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s research has shown. We just tend not to talk about them or think about the implications. They all imply that the mind, or consciousness, exists beyond the brain, and that our awareness can operate outside of linear time and space.


In our discussion yesterday I asked the two professional remote viewers what the most challenging aspect is of the practice. One of them had grown up immersed in that kind of world and the other had only just discovered it after a spontaneous spiritual awakening 5 years ago. Yet they both agreed that self-belief was the key and the greatest challenge.

Our whole industrialised education system and culture virtually ignores these other ways of knowing and continually reinforces the importance of the rational mind, of seeing things as separate and of an exterior focus on the material world around us. No-one is saying that the great cognitive abilities we have developed are a bad thing, but when we treat them as the only way of knowing, uprooted from the field of interconnectedness that they emerged out of, we get into the kind of mess we are in right now.

AI takes that rational intelligence and amplifies it manyfold through the power of computing, giving us another shiny technology to get distracted by. Yet what will really make a difference in terms of humanity’s ability to survive and thrive into the future is not an amplification of fragmented intelligence from the past, but our capacity to access knowing from a place of wholeness where the guidance for what we need to do next is clear and we can sense the emerging future.

Remembering how to know in that way and training in the particular skills that best fit us is crucial for us in the coming years. It is what we are working on with the consciousness technologies at Wyrd. It is the focus of Ubiquity University’s new School of Science and Consciousness.


All the speakers on the panel yesterday agreed that the key is to experience everything as interconnected in a field of oneness. One of the remote viewers had experience in engaging with UAPs and extra-terrestrial intelligences. He said something that stuck with me. We need to stop thinking about it as an “us and them”. It is when we experience all beings as part of the same consciousness that we are part of that the communication channels open up and information flows. (How hard the term “alien” makes this for us!)

This applies to our relationship with all life. When we are able to sink into our own essence, we experience ourselves as this world, as the present moment. From that space we know naturally. It becomes the most normal thing to receive information intuitively, to follow the nudges along our path, to feel one with all things.

Natural knowing is what can guide us through these tumultuous times and into a world that honours the nature of our deep interconnectedness with all life in the cosmos. Policy decisions, lifestyle choices, the nature of our relationships all then flow from knowing we are connected to everything around us – I am That. We can heal the trauma of our fragmentation over the last few hundred years, put Humpty Dumpty back together again and be the amazing expressions of life that we actually are. Bring it on!

Natural Simplicity

four rock formation

As we enter the new year, this theme of natural simplicity is one I will gratefully carry with me as one of the key experiences and insights from last year.

In September 2023 I was part of a pilgrimage walk with 11 other men to Assisi in Italy. We followed the path that St Francis walked, integrating consciousness practices with reflection and walking. We walked 75 miles (120km) over 7 days, carrying our packs, starting each day at 6am, not eating anything between breakfast and dinner except fruit from the trees we might find on the way, some days fasting for 24 hrs. We were hosted beautifully by Sujith Ravindran. We covered our costs as we went, staying in simple shared accommodation. We each decided at the end how much we would like to donate to Sujith’s work as a recognition of his contribution.

I hadn’t been on a “training” for years – nothing had really called to me. When I received the invitation to this walk it just felt right. There was something in the simplicity of it.
As we walked the path, Sujith invited us to unfold what became our “leadership manifesto”. The most powerful exercise for me was a visit to my “future self”.
The three key qualities of the future Peter that I met were simple presence, crystal clarity and deep compassion. They resonated so deeply. Since that meeting I am able to tune into my future self and feel those qualities in me now. There is something really fundamental about them.
These qualities were also reflected in the world I saw around my future self. It was a world in which we are recovering from the trauma of the industrial age and the breakdown that it ended in. We are helping each other in simple ways. We are ensuring we all get our needs met. We are just getting the stuff done that needs to get done.

The unnecessary complexity, amount of stuff, debates and discussions have fallen away. Into a kind of grace. The words I wrote to describe the world I saw were “a consciousness-based world of natural simplicity, joy and grace”.
We had a found a way to make things simple. It all felt natural and obvious. We had replaced the industrial-age externally-created resource-intensive and life-depleting technologies with solutions that were life-generating and so obvious we often marvelled at how we could have got so lost in the cognitive-mind driven progress obsession that so marked the industrial age. People often carried gentle smiles.
Many of our approaches came from the co-creativity of our inner world and the world around us. We healed through intention and information. We grew, vitalised and protected our food with our consciousness. Education and learning was embedded in our everyday life with natural cross-generational exchange. The technologies we needed were fuelled by their natural design, embedding the proportions and dynamics that Gaia uses to create the incredible abundance of life around us. They were directed through our intention. Everything vitalised everything else. Waste as a concept seemed ridiculous. All of these are things we already know how to do, here at the start of 2024.
Above all it felt simple. Whenever I tune into it, which I do regularly, my whole body-mind relaxes and I feel myself drop into that simple presence. The cognitive mind quietens down. I see fully the world around me. I know what I have to do next. And that is all I need to know for now.
I am choosing to start living that future now in the belief that it is the what we in the industrialised world most need. We have become so lost in an external reality that we have made way too complicated. We simply need to reconnect, slow down and then we know what is ours to do. Withdraw our attention, energy and consent from the hollow world of materialism, and come home to ourselves, each other and this planet that is our home. Then the old will fade, the new will blossom, and we will find ourselves living in a world in which our hearts sing, our minds play and our bodies thrive. The world we choose to live in is a choice that is ours in every moment. Just choose.