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Leading from the Field is the phrase that Peter uses to describe his approach to leadership. Working in coherence with the energetic architecture of an organisation, community or piece of land enables one to move with far greater effectiveness, efficiency and grace. Leaders have the greatest influence on the quality of the energetic field of the system they lead, and therefore the greatest responsibility for keeping it clean, vital and resonant.

In individual or team support sessions, Peter helps people to tune into what is really true at that moment, to access their inner knowing about the situation, and to practise their intuitive intelligence and energetic guardianship to co-create their desired reality. This involves a healthy mix of challenge and support, as he swiftly gets to the essence of what is going on and what is needed. You soon have your work to do!

Where appropriate he introduces frameworks and ways of looking at reality that can shed more light on what is happening. He can also make connections to leading-edge practices and technologies that enable the leader, team and organisation to take their next natural step.

Peter brings not only his deep understanding, open heart and clear mind to these processes, but also years of experience in leading organisations himself from a new paradigm. This helps him to ground any concept in the every-day reality of leaders and their teams.