Natural Knowing (vs Artificial Intelligence)

face of old woman at panauti

Yesterday I hosted a Humanity Rising session on remote perception, as part of our science and consciousness week, linking in to the nature of extra-terrestrial intelligence and UAP disclosure. The panel included two remote viewers and a researcher. The way these guys talked about how they access information made me think about Artificial Intelligence, which is all the rage now.

In an earlier blog I explored how AI is by definition sourced from the past and that there is a form of intelligence that is sourced from the future, which is more what we should be guided by. Over the last few days that crystallised for me in the term “Natural Knowing”.

Clear Knowing

The term “clairvoyance” is probably the most well known of the “clair-” terms. It just means seeing clearly. But there are other terms that people use to describe accessing information in ways beyond our cognitive intelligences. “Clairaudience” is hearing clearly, “clairsentience” is feeling clearly, “claircognizance” is knowing clearly.

We tend to believe that these abilities are reserved for especially gifted psychics. However all the research I have come across, including the 28 years of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, and all the practitioners I have talked to in this area, point to the fact that everyone has these abilities – we have just shut them down. Now they also say that some people seem to be naturally better than others, just as with any other craft, like playing a musical instrument. We can all learn to do it, but some of us have more of a leaning towards it than others.

What is clear is that we all have the ability at a basic level to access information from anywhere in space and time. In fact many of us experience that without being aware of it. Have you ever thought of someone just before they called, texted or emailed you? Have you ever felt someone staring at you and then turned round to see them look away? Have you ever had a feeling about something in the future to see it actually happen? All of these things are actually quite common, as biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s research has shown. We just tend not to talk about them or think about the implications. They all imply that the mind, or consciousness, exists beyond the brain, and that our awareness can operate outside of linear time and space.


In our discussion yesterday I asked the two professional remote viewers what the most challenging aspect is of the practice. One of them had grown up immersed in that kind of world and the other had only just discovered it after a spontaneous spiritual awakening 5 years ago. Yet they both agreed that self-belief was the key and the greatest challenge.

Our whole industrialised education system and culture virtually ignores these other ways of knowing and continually reinforces the importance of the rational mind, of seeing things as separate and of an exterior focus on the material world around us. No-one is saying that the great cognitive abilities we have developed are a bad thing, but when we treat them as the only way of knowing, uprooted from the field of interconnectedness that they emerged out of, we get into the kind of mess we are in right now.

AI takes that rational intelligence and amplifies it manyfold through the power of computing, giving us another shiny technology to get distracted by. Yet what will really make a difference in terms of humanity’s ability to survive and thrive into the future is not an amplification of fragmented intelligence from the past, but our capacity to access knowing from a place of wholeness where the guidance for what we need to do next is clear and we can sense the emerging future.

Remembering how to know in that way and training in the particular skills that best fit us is crucial for us in the coming years. It is what we are working on with the consciousness technologies at Wyrd. It is the focus of Ubiquity University’s new School of Science and Consciousness.


All the speakers on the panel yesterday agreed that the key is to experience everything as interconnected in a field of oneness. One of the remote viewers had experience in engaging with UAPs and extra-terrestrial intelligences. He said something that stuck with me. We need to stop thinking about it as an “us and them”. It is when we experience all beings as part of the same consciousness that we are part of that the communication channels open up and information flows. (How hard the term “alien” makes this for us!)

This applies to our relationship with all life. When we are able to sink into our own essence, we experience ourselves as this world, as the present moment. From that space we know naturally. It becomes the most normal thing to receive information intuitively, to follow the nudges along our path, to feel one with all things.

Natural knowing is what can guide us through these tumultuous times and into a world that honours the nature of our deep interconnectedness with all life in the cosmos. Policy decisions, lifestyle choices, the nature of our relationships all then flow from knowing we are connected to everything around us – I am That. We can heal the trauma of our fragmentation over the last few hundred years, put Humpty Dumpty back together again and be the amazing expressions of life that we actually are. Bring it on!