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If you have a specific group in mind who you think would resonate with and benefit from a talk by Peter, he is happy to co-design something that fits their specific needs. He chooses to work with groups who are looking to make a life-affirming contribution to a healthy world. Themes that he can focus on include leadership, organisation, change, the societal shift we are in, ancient wisdom and new science, deep sustainability, consciousness, rugby, celtic folk music – you get the idea!

Latest Past Events

Thought: The Role of Thought in Linear Time and Separate Space (Merry Musings 9)

Abstract thought emerged together with linear time and alphabetic language. Before that time we experienced reality directly. Thought clearly expanded our capacities at one level, yet when thought is unrooted from experience, and the mind is disconnected from the body, it can wreak havoc. Abstract thought tends to keep us pondering the past or wondering...


Time: Exploring and Transcending Our Experience of Time as Linear (Merry Musings 8)

Linear time is a relatively recent phenomenon of the human experience. It is only a few thousand years old in the context of our three million year journey. Yet experiencing our world through the lenses of linear time – with a past, present and future – deeply determines how we relate to life. How much...


The Pain and the Promise talk at Integral European Conference

When a tree wants to send its branches higher into the sky, it needs to send its roots deeper into the earth. When a person or society wants to move to the next level of development, we have to dig down into our past to release the energy held there by earlier traumas. Humanity’s current...