This short powerful book focuses in on the main theme of the transition that we as humanity are in – a shift from a yang-dominant mindset to a worldview with yin as the foundation.

Peter starts by briefly describing the state of the world today. He then looks at the pain that we are suffering and causing due to a split that occurred in our development between ourselves and the planet that we are actually a part of, and how we can engage that. The main part of the book is then devoted to the promise of accessing trans-rational dimensions and illustrating that with examples of how that worldview is starting to show up in many different parts of our reality, from leadership and organisation, to agriculture and energy generation.

It is a book with significant implications for our own personal inner work as well as our work in the world. With his trademark simplicity and clarity, Peter makes it astoundingly obvious what the invitation is before us now.

This book is waiting to be published.