Agora Education – an interview with one of the pioneers

In this podcast with Reinventing Education, we explore Agora’s revolutionary approach to secondary education with Hans van Heesewijk. Hans lead the development of the second Agora school in the Netherlands, after I had initiated its founding in a desperate attempt to find a form of education that wouldn’t quash all that is great in my own children. The eldest two have now graduated with their secondary diplomas and remain beautiful beings following their life’s path. The youngest has just started his Agora journey. 5 years since its founding here in Culemborg, there are now 24 Agora schools across the Netherlands and Belgium, and growing.

Hans, with over 40 years of experience in the secondary education sector, gives his very honest assessment of the current education system and the opportunities and challenges that Agora presents. I remain eternally grateful to him for the hard graft in the early years that made this humane and holistic schooling possible for my kids.

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