The Volution book is out!

I received a lovely birthday present in the email this morning that nudged me to let the world know that the Volution book is out!

“Thrilled that Volution is out!!! Bought my copy and find myself highlighting nearly every page, forwarding link to friends & colleagues.”

Volution is the concept that emerged during the seven years I spent curating my PhD dissertation at Ubiquity University’s Wisdom School. Much of it, including the name, dropped in as an insight as I contemplated the findings of my research. I have a strong feeling that the perspective is really needed in the world and can help the great reconnection in many ways.
Volution takes us beyond the linearity of e-volution (and in-volution) to where creation is one organic breathing process. It shows how all the wisdom traditions I’ve been able to find actually describe this same process and how it reflects the latest scientific perspectives.
Volution also shows us how the past is intertwined with the future, holding energy we need to release to take our next step – integrated in the now of the present moment. It has profound implications for the way we see ourselves and the world. I believe it can help us humans to heal on many levels and take our place on Earth as the amazing expression of life that we really are.
For my own life, it feels like everything I write or undertake from here on in will be a footnote to Volution. This lays the foundation. I know “I” didn’t write Volution – it came through me. It brings a deep sense of peace to my soul. I trust it will find its way to the right people at this time.