Geomancy – the power of place

This is the recording of my talk on Geomancy for the Ubiquity University series Merry Musings. To see the whole series and get access to the extra resources or take for credit, click here. In the West, we have been very unconscious of how we have interacted with the places around us. Due to the objectification of life around us, we have treated places as if they have no identity or energy themselves. We just drop buildings and infrastructure onto the earth based on our abstract paper plans. Yet one of the oldest arts and sciences, geomancy, teaches us that the earth around us is like our own body – with different organs, flows of energy, and functions. If we align our activities with the native energy of the places around us, we are far more likely to create a vibrant and ecologically integrated human infrastructure. This Merry Musing looks at the history, theory, and practice of geomancy, and how it could help us create a more conscious and respectful relationship with the Earth. To take only this module for credit or access the resources click here.

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