Magic at Work

This dialogue explores the application of modern-day “magic”, or work with information and energy fields, to organisational contexts. WIth Peter Merry, Calen Rayne, Jim Hickman and Jim Garrison on a Ubiquity Humanity Rising session.

What is actually meant by the invisible realms? What do the wisdom traditions have to tell us about that? How can we work with this dimension of reality to accelerate our positive impact on the world at this time? Jim Hickman shares some thoughts on how the quantum realm and neuroscience impacts and is impacted by the invisible realms. Peter Merry draws on his book Leading from the Field that describes a set of principles that enable us to keep the energetic architecture of our homes, communities, organizations and nature aligned and coherent. Calen Rayne talks about his shamanic experience of working with the energetics of the people in organisations and how to find the best fit. All of them work with energetic practices to support the development of Ubiquity University and will share some of those experiences. We explore how what was often called magic in the past is actually a very real part of our present and critical to successfully navigating the current transition.