Crop Circles – how they appear and what they show us

This talk seems to have taken off on YouTube! The circles have a mysterious attractive power. It was amazing to discover the link between the circle formation process and fundamental volutionary manifestation processes of life while I was preparing the talk.

Crop Circles are one of the most mysterious and disputed phenomena on the planet. Theories abound as to how they are created. We do know that people often have powerful, if diverse, experiences in and around crop circles. We also know that human-made formations can easily be distinguished from non-human formations. The recent COVID formation created a stir due to the information it seemed to hold about the nature of the virus and how we might treat it successfully.

This Merry Musing dives into the history and theories of crop formations, and explores how they might be relevant to us today. We also discover a surprising connection to Volution Theory and the patterns of manifestation on Earth. This talk is part of the Merry Musings series hosted by Ubiquity University. For the full module with extra resources click here. See also this article on the geomancy of Chartres which is referred to in this video.