Visions for the Future

I just finished helping to design and host an event looking to help us move into a positive vision for the future. We are building a community of people who can make a significant difference in the world from our current roles. It was designed around the U Process and flowed like a dream, aided by the wonderful location and team at Broughton Sanctuary.

As I was running by the river just now, this summary of our days together settled into my awareness. In essence it is about our relationship to the natural intelligence / spirit that we access via the silence in the ground of being. Jill Purce enabled the spirit to reveal to us our current condition and a potential way forward through a constellation of the issues. Liz Dawes enabled us to have a direct embodied experience of that intelligence through nature during her Forest Bathing. Jeddah Mali gave us the language and concepts for it with her Natural Intelligence. Jude Currivan gave us the deep story of it with her Whole World View. Rupert Sheldrake gave us the evidence for it being at work in our everyday lives with is morphogenetic fields. John Butler gave us an embodied experience of the Ground from which it arises. Cornelius O’Shaughnessy trained our minds to access it. Paris Ackrill showed us how to heal our bodies with it. David Fuller described how we access it collectively. We accessed it and channeled it through our Circle and Open Space. Guy Hayward took us on a pilgrimage to connect the past to the present and future. It flowed in abundance in the Fire temple. The Utopia food put us into resonance with it. The Broughton land bathed us in it. Roger Tempest and the Broughton team held space for it. We are it.

Drop into the silence of the ground of being and just let Life do what it knows best through us.

All is very well.