The Story of Field Coherence @ Transforum 2011

During the whole of the Transforum event, March 25-27 2011, we ran a Random Event Generator aligned to the field of the event, to track cohesion of the field.

Random Event Generators such as this Psyleron REG-1 were used in the 28 years of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) at Princeton University. For more information on this research and related products see,, and For more on linking field coherence to collaboration, please contact Peter Merry (

Transforum 2011 was organised by the Wrekin Trust and held at Hawkwood House in Stroud, UK. The team was Janice Dolley, Jude Currivan, Peter Rhodes-Dimmer, Lisette Schuitemaker and Peter Merry.

Below are screenshots of each of the days and an accompanying interpretation.Continue reading