photo of orange yellow and red hello molding clay


Can anyone hear me?

Is anyone near me?

Or am I just a muffle

in your old blue duffle?


Step into fresh air.

We’ve got something to share.

There are things we can do.

Yes, you too.


We’ll go for a beer,

if you’ll lend me your ear.

Or just for a walk.

Somewhere we can talk.


Why does nobody see

they’re like you and me?

Just here for a while

and made such a trial.


We’ve invented a code,

yet it seems out of mode

to use these few words,

to chat like the birds.


Have you something to hide

that you’ve buried inside?

Afraid to let go

for fear I should know?


We’re all from the same place.

We’re all from the same race.

A mere strand in the web,

a drop in the ebb.


Let’s admit we were wrong

to believe we were strong.

Then we’ll feel free

to talk, you and me.