Embodying the Future – Talk at Embodiment Conference

Embodying the Future – why the body is the key to leading from the field

In order to navigate successfully through these turbulent times of transition, we need to be able to access the information in the subtle fields. Energy can only be interpreted through the body. In order to reach up to higher dimensions we need to send our roots deeper. This session will explore the role of the body in working with subtle energies, and what we need to do individually and collectively to be able to unlock the promise that this work holds.

Register free here for the conference with loads of other great speakers too! 

Talk on Coaching from the Field

I will be speaking at The Coaching Conclave 2020 October 10-11. There’s a great line up of speakers. I’ll be talking about how you can coach people to work co-creatively with the subtle fields of information and energy so they can enhance the probability of achieving their life-affirrning goals. It will draw on my upcoming book, Leading from the Field.
If you use this link and code PETER2020, you can get a discount (PRO access at $51 instead of $60 and STANDARD access at $41 instead of $50 during registration).

Leadership article in evolve magazine (German language)

Evolve cover

Mike Kauschke and team did a great job of this article in evolve, exploring my journey through integral evolutionary leadership into leading from the field. Nice to be in the good company of old friend Meg Wheatley and Frederic Laloux.

Here’s the pdf of the article (in German).

See also www.evolve-magazin.de and www.facebook.com/evolve.magazin