Bohm, Krishnamurti and the Unity of Everything

As part of Ubiquity’s Humanity Rising series, Peter Merry hosts a dialogue with British writer, Integral thinker and long-time spiritual practitioner Nish Dubashia on the nature of reality and the relationship between wholeness, multiplicity and fragmentation. Nish is the author of “The Unity of Everything: A Dialogue with David Bohm”, and (under the pen name Nishad Cote) of “Gifted: The Story of a Young Genius” and “Dancing with Angels: One Man’s Search for the Meaning of Life”.

Peter and Nish will explore the work of David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti, and how making a clear distinction between multiplicity and fragmentation can help us to understand some of the challenges the world has had in responding to various crises such as the coronavirus. With both of them also being well versed in Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics, it promises to be a broad ranging dialogue exploring a variety of subjects. They will also discuss Nish’s “Diamond Model” of Reality that Nish explored with David Bohm in 1991, and how this model finds remarkable parallels in the work of Bohm, Krishnamurti and Ken Wilber, as well as in both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.

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The Way of Wyrd

This is a talk I gave on Brian Bates’ work on the Wyrd – a West European Tradition of Subtle Interconnectedness.

In the so-called “Dark Ages” Western Europe was home to the Anglo-Saxons and Norse. These cultures had great respect for the interconnected web of life that they referred to as “wyrd”. Over the last decades the Western world has imported Eastern concepts such as ch’i which have helped us to rediscover the sacred/hidden dimensions of reality. However, few people know that we had our own native concepts, language and practices for the subtle world. Brian Bates, in his book The Way of Wyrd, brought it to our attention, creating a novel based on an ancient manuscript in the British Library that tells the story of a missionary scribe being sent to discover the ways of the “pagans.”

This talk explores the world of wyrd and how it relates to eastern traditions as well as recent scientific discoveries. It is part of the Merry Musings series with Ubiquity University. If you would like to join the module with the background materials and online discussion group, you can sign up here. For the whole Merry Musings series, see here for more info.