The Unity of Everything

Here is the recording of a dialogue with me and Nish Dubashia inspired by the work of David Bohm and J Krishnamurti. We explore patterns and themes that connect religions and spiritual traditions. It is part of the Humanity Rising series.

Dialogue with Malcolm Stern

As part of Ubiquity’s Humanity Rising series, Peter Merry hosts Malcolm Stern, psychotherapist, author and the co-founder of Alternatives in the UK, the UK’s longest running weekly mind body spirit events company. Malcolm’s new book “Slay your dragons with Compassion” is being released this September. In the book, Malcolm explores practices for managing loss, informed by his daughter Melissa taking her own life in 2014 and how he coped. Building on that, Peter and Malcolm will go into some tools for thriving amidst the kind of instability and loss that we are facing individually and collectively as humanity today.

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