Dutch Emergence 2 – Healing Collective Trauma to Enable Action

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The ego … in its zeal to assert its independence, not only transcended the Great Mother, which was desireable; it repressed the Great Mother, which was disastrous. And there the Western ego demonstrated not just an awakened assertiveness, but a blind arrogance. … The Western ego did not just gain its freedom from the Great Mother; it severed its deep interconnectedness with her. … When the Great Mother [Purple] is repressed, the Great Goddess [Turquoise] is concealed. … And one may – it is a terrible realization – look in vain through Judaeo-Christian-Islamic religion for any authentic trace of the higher touch of the subtle Goddess herself. And that, we will see, would become a perfect and terrifying comment on an entire civilisation.” (Ken Wilber, Up from Eden – my additions in [square brackets] )

We are entering a new phase of our work and evolution as the CHE Netherlands, and it feels like this step we are taking is a fractal of the step the nation is being called to take, and indeed the planet as a whole.

During our retreat at the mid-point of the Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld (May 22-23) – as the new consciousness really starts to take form in the mainstream and at the same time the shadow energy of the Fifth Night starts to seep in – we were called to a new step. It manifested in patterns such as the need to create clear structure, process, agreements etc, combined with a call to make explicit dissonance that we are feeling as individuals about the way the organisation might be shaping up, and about the way we are choosing to behave as individuals. The general theme was for more earthiness, realness, authenticity, clarity – basically “descending” energy as compared to the “ascending” energy that had been guiding us in recent months. The physical gestures that often accompanied the conversation included a strong slapping of the belly region!

At the beginning of the Fifth Day, we made a conscious choice to push outwards, expand, explore, diverge, ascend – and then to take stock in May. Now we are being called to put the foundations in place so that the many initiatives that are emerging can become rooted and fully manifest (descend).

At the same time as this was going on in the organisation, we have been confronted with a reality in the Netherlands of a very serious issue with the dikes. Marieke de Vrij, a highly respected intuitive, has been getting clear images the last couple of years of weaknesses in some of the key dikes. She had been going through the formal institutions (who had already tested her intuitive capacity and accepted its validity) until a couple of months ago, when she decided that they were not taking it seriously enough, were not moving ahead quickly enough, and did not seem to have the capacity to collaborate cross-institution to do what needs to be done. She decided to sound the alarm-bell in public, firstly amongst the more conscious population.

As she told us her story during the Dutch Confab (on May 29), we probed deeper into what it was in the Dutch psyche and soul that was preventing people from moving into action. She revealed a very significant characteristic, that I feel is not only Dutch-related, but connects to the dynamic that Ken Wilber describes for Western civilisation in the opening quote.

She said that the Dutch have a tendency to stay very much in the head and analytical domain, and that the whole belly and groin area is constricted and cramped. Given that we should move ourselves from that area, it means that there is a sort of action-paralysis, whereby people often find good reasons not to act. Sensing deeper, she explained how the amount of animal suffering in this country is truly unbelievable is you let it in (there was a programme on TV the other day showing young chicks going through a shredder). Somehow, we have managed to cut ourselves off from our sensitivity to the experiences of the animal world, and nature more broadly. That denial has as one consequence the paralysis of action.

In Spiral terms, you can see what she is describing as the transcendence and repression of Purple (the Great Mother Ken talks of above), which is leading to the lack of a solid foundation for the healthy expression of Red warriorship and creativity (to learn about these colour codes from Spiral Dynamics, click here). The way she described the Dutch dynamic was one wherein when people do act it tends to be fairly harsh action that creates turbulence around them, and so rather than act in that way, they hold back and don’t act at all. An emasculated culture. Without the embeddedness of the masculine Red action system in the feminine Purple sensing system, it cannot function healthily for the whole. In the Martial Arts, this is represented in the way you bow to each other, where the action hand is always held in the compassion hand.

One of the things I am initiating to help us engage this dynamic, is some Deep Ecology work, building on initial work by John Seed and Joanna Macy (more recently they refer to it as the Work which Reconnects). In this work, you really connect to the Great Mother, feel who you are as part of that, and listen deeply to what the rest of life is telling you at this time. There has been much critique of Deep Ecology work in the Integral community, mainly because it is not being seen in this evolutionary context. If it is used as a sort of romanticisation of a back-to-nature way of living, then it won’t necessarily serve the evolutionary impulse. If however it is used in a way to deal with the repression of the Great Mother that we have experienced in the Industrialised world (the burning of literally millions of women as witches is but one example of what is creating our collective pathology), then the consciousness that is brought to the process and participants is likely to help release the blocked energy from that repression so that we can move into rapid and effective action in the world.

Building on this insight, I got another one yesterday. I was watching the Trooping of the Colour for the Queen’s birthday in London on TV, and was deeply impressed by the powerful Purple and Blue systems at work. The discipline and commitment of those soldiers to manage to keep it all together was truly remarkable – many having just come back from duty in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. It all made me feel a bit home-sick! When my Dutch wife returned, and we were watching the highlights in the evening with our 4-year old boy Finnlo (who loved it!), I was eulogising about the beauty and power of it, and she just could not resonate with it at all! That set me thinking…

The lack of healthy Purple over here is bound to have repercussions for the Blue system (Blue emerges out of Purple, under influence of Red). Blue is also a system that makes things happen – responsibility, commitment to a cause, discipline in the application – all things which I know Andrew Cohen laments as lacking in this country when he is over here. The reputation the Netherlands has as a liberal country reflects a more individualistic tendency – people can choose what they want to do. That freedom of choice, if not embedded in healthy collective systems, can lead to paralysis – and so we go full circle to the water issue. Healing the individual interior Purple and Blue, will create healthy and rapid action out of Red and Orange. Healing the collective interior Purple and Blue should enable the emergence of new systems in the collective to manage the life conditions threat that is now on the doorstep. Revitalised Purple and Blue will also lead to a functional Green where the capacity to engage the diversity in the nation is activated to enable the country to deal effectively with the complexity of the challenges it is facing.

So that’s it for now! Needed to get that down and out. I’m intrigued to know what the Cloggies reckon, and if there are others out there who see this also as a dynamic in their countries or communities.

Conscious Duality (Evolutionary Time Dynamics)

As we enter this Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld (equivalent of the crystallisation of Spiral Yellow and Turquoise in the collective field), the patterns in the evolutionary time dynamics point to this as being a new era of duality (as opposed to unity). I am beginning to feel and understand what is meant by that. (See http://www.maya-portal.net for more on Calleman’s rigorous work on the Mayan Calendar).

The National Underworld (3115BC-2011AD) is dominated by Duality consciousness, expressing itself in our exploitative, power-driven approach to the world, and duality One Truth belief systems (Spiral Red and Blue).

The next era, the Planetary Underworld (1755-2011) is dominated by Unity consciousness, creating space for diversity, anyone can make it, all is relative, everyone is free to go “my way”, with a lack of clarity for discernment (Spiral Orange and Green).

The latest era, the Galactic Underworld (1999-2011), is dominated by Duality consciousness again, and is equivalent to Spiral Yellow and Turquoise. So what does that mean? We all thought we were moving into Unity! What it means is that all the shadows, all the negative impacts of the previous era which Orange and Green studiously avoid confronting, will be brought into the light (Orange : “Solve the problem as quickly as possible. Don’t stop to ask what the real problem is or it will slow us down in our progress.”; Green : “Don’t rock the boat. Everything is light and love. Do all we can to maintain harmony. Any negative perception you have is purely your own stuff, so keep it to yourself.”)

In the Galactic Underworld, light is shone on our reality again, and we wake up to a world in ourselves and around us that can look pretty ugly. Oh my God, what have we done? And how on earth are we going to deal with this mess, chaos and complexity? However, it also brings relief as at last all that has been swept under the carpet is now visible for us all to see. Invisible elephants in the room suddenly materialise and we can’t move on without dealing with them.

This relates very well to the description and experience of Yellow – the wake-up call that emerges out of the Dark Night of the Soul as we leave behind the comfort zone of Green and our first tier blinkers. We come face-to-face with our true self (and Self) both inside and outside of ourselves.

What this clarity of the dualities brings is an undeniable knowledge of the interconnectedness of all things. All our past actions have cast a shadow and we now have to face it. Every action resonates across the Universe. This is the emergence of Turquoise, the profound realisation of this interconnectedness. We realise that we cannot engage this any more simply through our cognitive knowing, and start to develop a different level of knowing, that feels the interconnectedness – the fullness and the emtpiness at the same time. As we lean into relative duality, we fall into absolute emptiness/fullness.

The good news is, for all of those who are yearning for the Unity consciousness, that the final Universal Underworld (Feb 2011 – Oct 2011) completes the current cycle (Spiral Coral and Teal). How many of us are around to experience that and be part of the following shift will depend on how we deal with the new duality that will be in our individual and collective faces for the next five years. This time is what we have all been training for. The time is now; the place is here; and the people are us. See you around!