Dialogues on Science and Spirituality

Nish Dubashia and I have been having a series of great dialogues inspired by the dialogues of David Bohm and J Krishnamurti. Nish met Bohm who appreciated his model that integrates the world’s religious and mystical traditions. We recorded the dialogues and have decided to share them with the world via this YouTube channel. And we’re not done yet! Enjoy!

Volution Deep Dive

This is a deep dive into the volution philosophy, recorded originally as part of Integral European Conference 2020. Peter takes people on a journey through the emergence of volution, the core aspects of the theory and its implications for the world of today.

Dr Don Beck’s Challenge to the Hague Center

Dr. Don Beck addresses the Center for Human Emergence Meshwork Design event (Apr 1st 2010, Venwoude, The Netherlands) on what the Hague Center could be contributing to the world.

Dr Don Beck’s Challenge to the Hague Center from Peter Merry on Vimeo.