Impersonal Productivity

Here’s an interview around a question I get asked a lot.

Q. Peter, how do you get so much done? I mean, you are a co-founder at Ubiquity with the university and UbiVerse, you’ve got a new book coming out end of November and two more in the pipeline, you’re teaching three courses this Autumn, you are helping the folks at Broughton with their business strategy, creating an intuition experience centre, you sing in an anglo-celt folk band and are learning the tin whistle, and you’ve just completed the first brew of a herbal ale to protect people from that-which-may-not-be-named-in-case-this-post-is-deleted-by-facebook. To say nothing of being a father to three sporty boys…

A. (pause – at this point I risk succumbing to the fate of the millipede who is asked by the bird how he co-ordinates all his legs at which point he stops to think about it, falls over, and never walks again). Well… I guess the reason I find this so hard to answer is that the question doesn’t fit how I experience it. You see, it doesn’t feel like me doing all that but rather it being done through me.

Q. That sounds a bit hippy-dippy…. What do you mean?

A. Yes, I guess it does, but that is actually how it feels. Life flows through me rather than me trying to run my life.

Q. Ok…

A. Would scientific language help? It’s like space-time moves through me rather than me moving through space-time. The main difference is that with the former all you can do is be curious whereas in the latter you try to control your destiny. Did you know that linear time is actually a relatively recent way of experiencing reality? The thing is you can’t control your destiny so all you do is get stressed by trying. In the other experience as things flow through you it’s like you attract things that are resonant with your frequency, like you’re a gravity well in the cosmos…

Q. Woah, now you’re getting hippy dippy again. Let’s get grounded here – how do you organise your day?

A. Well, I have a diary in which I put appointments and if they end up staying there I trust they are meant to be there even if I am not quite sure why. I also use a productivity tool called asana where I list my projects and to do’s.

Q. Ok, that sounds more normal. But doesn’t that contradict your whole go-with-the-flow thing?

A. No. In fact it is critical to be able to drop things onto a list as they come in to your mind, so that your mind stays clear and doesn’t keep chasing that thought. You see, the ideas and insights come in through the intuitive channel, and you need to capture them otherwise when you flip back to the rational mind you often lose them. Then you can come back to the things that came through intuitively when you are in your rational doing state.

Q. Don’t you just end up with a huge list of to do’s?

A. Yes, it is pretty long.

Q. How do you decide what to do when, then?

A. I review the list in an intuitive state and notice which items seem to have energy, and prioritise those. Obviously there are also things that just need doing because other people depend on them. You see, there are all sorts of things going on that we can’t know about but that information is there in the information fields. So we just have to trust that what feels right to do next is what needs to happen in the context of the bigger whole – even though we might not rationally understand it. Usually you find out what later on.

Q. That all sounds like a lazy way to just doing the stuff that’s easy and putting off the rest…

A. (laughs) Yes, there is that risk. You do need to be able to distinguish between your ego’s instincts and unattached intuitive knowing. And that comes from disciplined inner work. No way around that…

Q. So, why did you agree to this interview?

A. It came to me while I was soaking in a bath of magnesium salts just now and seemed to have energy to it. I also believe in sharing anything that might be useful to others in navigating these challenging times – which is why I am getting all the books out and teaching the courses now.

Q. Fair enough. Thank you for your time.

A. Sure. You’re very welcome.

The Evolution of Spirituality

Just posted the latest dialogue with Nish Dubashia. This time we focused on the evolution of spirituality, exploring how spirituality has expressed itself through the different stages of human development – using the Spiral Dynamics model. Fun!

Energy Works ECOintention Training

Very excited to be running the ECOintention intensive training in California for the first time, as part of my commitment to get this powerful energetic work for large-scale systems into the English-speaking world. Sept 13-17 2019 in Burlingame, near San Francisco and very easy to get to from the airport and public transport. See for more info.

Open Source Learning

532854_344588988923886_1825172899_nIntro note: I actually wrote this back in 2000 when we were establishing Engage! InterAct. I came across it just now and was struck by how relevant it is to the work I am now doing with Ubiquity University – nearly 15 years on! Gosh I was smart back then – I wonder what happened…

Link to pdf.

Open Source Learning

A Key to Multiculturalism, Citizenship, and the Knowledge Society



Exploring the Problems and Challenges

  • Multiculturalism, Diversity and Difference
  • Citizenship, Participation and Motivation
  • The Knowledge Society

The Foundations of Open Source Learning

  • Skills, Qualities and Values
  • Beyond Certainty and Control
  • Systems Thinking
  • Think Subtly, Act Simply
  • Love your Enemy

Open Source Learning in Practice

  • Critical Thinking for Conscious Action
  • The Role of the Educator
  • Structures and Methods
  • Why “Open Source Learning” ?

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So why the radio silence on my blog? Sorry if you’ve been hoping for more…

Since September 2012 I have been full-on in manifestation mode with the co-creation of Ubiquity University – a new enterprise creating an online learning and innovation platform, designed to release the creativity, collaboration and complex problem-solving needed to engage the challenges of our time. Ubiquity was founded by current President Jim Garrison. Our inaugural Chancellor is Ken Wilber, as we seek to embed an integral approach into the learning experience. Engaging the student as a whole person and demonstrating the fundamental interconnectedness of the world are key principles at Ubiquity. You can see an announcement website and teaser video at

We are getting closer to launch, after which I will be able to share more. For now, watch this space…

PS My thinking around volution (see this earlier blog) continues to evolve in the background and will be core to my Ph.D.

The Wisdom Factor

With Wisdom University in Europe, we are going to be launching an exciting new concept in October – the Wisdom Factor. There is a book coming out in Dutch first with essays by five authors – Dr Will Taegel, Dr Jm Garrison, Prof Matthijs Schouten, Irene van Lippe and Gert van Santen – followed by a two and a half day workshop with the authors deepening our understanding and felt experience of the Wisdom Factor.

In my words, the Wisdom Factor is accessing the dimensions of ourselves and our world that connect to our more intuitive and energetic sensing than to our rational mind. The conclusion I have come to is that this is essential for us to transition through the current turbulence.

You are welcome to the Book Launch on the morning of October 10th and the workshop on the afternoon of the 10th through to the afternoon of the 12th (which carries academic credit for Wisdom University students and is also open to others).

See Invitation Wisdom Factor book launch (Dutch) for more information on the book launch and Invitation Wisdom Factor Intensive (Dutch) for more on the workshop. Or feel free to contact me.

Fundamentals of Energy Work

I’m very excited about this event I will be co-teaching on with Calen and Jini Rayne in Asheville, USA in September. We are pioneering an introduction to the basics in energetic work, to help people get a sense of what it is all about and then find their way into practices that suit them if appropriate. Calen is a true master of the invisible realms and Jini is one of the world’s most qualified Feng Shui practitioners.

Click here for more info on my site, or go directly to Calen’s site here. Register by emailing me ( or Calen ( We are choosing to keep the group quite small first time round (c 15) and have a few places left, so if you feel called, act now!

Thrive – the Movie and the Conversation in Amsterdam

In my role as Director of Wisdom University in Europe, I will be hosting a showing of the movie Thrive and a conversation afterwards on Saturday 12.11.11 at the Hub in Amsterdam (Westerstraat 187), starting 18.30. It launches on 11.11.11 and promises to challenge many assumptions. RSVP Film showing is free with donations to cover room hire.

Even insiders who have seen it talked about it for days afterwards. My business partner and friend Tatiana Glad, also co-founder of the Hub in Amsterdam, will join me in hosting the conversation afterwards. Thrive recommends that people go to Wisdom University to get academic credits for studying related issues. See also the Thrive website.