John Petersen (Arlington Institute) Strategy for Non-linear Transition

Peter is currently involved in developing the Global Transition Initiative with the State of the World Forum team. As part of the development, he is interviewing some people to ask them the question : “what would you do to facilitate global transition?”. John Petersen is the first person he asked, being one of the world’s foremost futurists (President of the Arlington Institute), with a deep understanding of the processes of non-linear change and epochal emergence. In this interview, John shares an understanding which is hard to deny and yet very challenging to accept. Peter is committed to contributing to the strategy that John describes. (When this was recorded, the system failed to pick up Peter’s questions and comments, which is why the sequence might sound a bit strange sometimes – with some non-linear leaps!).

Download audio file here and click here for the transcription (including questions!)

Leadership in the Center for Human Emergence Netherlands

A recording of a short interview with Jasper Rienstra, the CHE’s Organisational Learning Officer, about how Peter sees his own leadership in the CHE. It came before a leadership scan feedback session. (Note that an understanding of the Spiral Dynamics colour codes is needed to understand much of this conversation.)

Download here.

Meshworking for MDG5

A presentation on a project with 60 parliamentarians from around the world who are working on Millennium Development Goal 5 (Maternal and Newborn Health). How we helped them align around core pillars and conditions, and created the conditions for sustainable collaboration. Slides with narration.

Meshworking for MDG5 from Peter Merry on Vimeo.