Introduction to Energetics course

This 4-week course explains with simple language and concepts what subtle energy and information are, and how to work with them in the context of organizations and nature. The very latest scientific research and leading-edge practices point towards a realm of significant possibility. Drawing on real-life experience of applying some of these approaches, Peter Merry opens our eyes to a vast and generally untapped potential in individual and collective development.
The course includes: four live webinars on Zoom and six videos with Peter Merry, extra resources, assignments
The first live session is Friday 6 November 16.00-17.00 CET and then every Friday in November.

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Merry Musings #2 – The Way of Wyrd

In the so-called “Dark Ages” Western Europe was home to the Anglo-Saxons and Norse. These cultures had great respect for the interconnected web of life that they referred to as “wyrd”. Over the last decades the Western world has imported Eastern concepts such as ch’i which have helped us to rediscover the sacred/hidden dimensions of reality. However, few people know that we had our own native concepts, language and practices for the subtle world. Brian Bates, in his book The Way of Wyrd, brought it to our attention, creating a novel based on an ancient manuscript in the British Library that tells the story of a missionary scribe being sent to discover the ways of the “pagans”. This Merry Musing will explore the world of wyrd and how it relates to eastern traditions as well as recent scientific discoveries.

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By the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Describe the nature of the Anglo-Saxon and Norse concept “Wyrd”
  • Explain the West European perspective on the interconnectedness of life
  • Compare Wyrd with other traditions and modern science

Volution – the Pain and the Promise

This talk gives a summary of Volution Theory and focuses particularly on what I call the Pain and the Promise – the split that happened between humanity and the Earth, and the healing that is required for us to access the subtle realms that will enable us to successfully navigate this transition. It was originally hosted by Puria Kästele for the Conscious Evolution Summit 2020.

Impersonal Productivity

Here’s an interview around a question I get asked a lot.

Q. Peter, how do you get so much done? I mean, you are a co-founder at Ubiquity with the university and UbiVerse, you’ve got a new book coming out end of November and two more in the pipeline, you’re teaching three courses this Autumn, you are helping the folks at Broughton with their business strategy, creating an intuition experience centre, you sing in an anglo-celt folk band and are learning the tin whistle, and you’ve just completed the first brew of a herbal ale to protect people from that-which-may-not-be-named-in-case-this-post-is-deleted-by-facebook. To say nothing of being a father to three sporty boys…

A. (pause – at this point I risk succumbing to the fate of the millipede who is asked by the bird how he co-ordinates all his legs at which point he stops to think about it, falls over, and never walks again). Well… I guess the reason I find this so hard to answer is that the question doesn’t fit how I experience it. You see, it doesn’t feel like me doing all that but rather it being done through me.

Q. That sounds a bit hippy-dippy…. What do you mean?

A. Yes, I guess it does, but that is actually how it feels. Life flows through me rather than me trying to run my life.

Q. Ok…

A. Would scientific language help? It’s like space-time moves through me rather than me moving through space-time. The main difference is that with the former all you can do is be curious whereas in the latter you try to control your destiny. Did you know that linear time is actually a relatively recent way of experiencing reality? The thing is you can’t control your destiny so all you do is get stressed by trying. In the other experience as things flow through you it’s like you attract things that are resonant with your frequency, like you’re a gravity well in the cosmos…

Q. Woah, now you’re getting hippy dippy again. Let’s get grounded here – how do you organise your day?

A. Well, I have a diary in which I put appointments and if they end up staying there I trust they are meant to be there even if I am not quite sure why. I also use a productivity tool called asana where I list my projects and to do’s.

Q. Ok, that sounds more normal. But doesn’t that contradict your whole go-with-the-flow thing?

A. No. In fact it is critical to be able to drop things onto a list as they come in to your mind, so that your mind stays clear and doesn’t keep chasing that thought. You see, the ideas and insights come in through the intuitive channel, and you need to capture them otherwise when you flip back to the rational mind you often lose them. Then you can come back to the things that came through intuitively when you are in your rational doing state.

Q. Don’t you just end up with a huge list of to do’s?

A. Yes, it is pretty long.

Q. How do you decide what to do when, then?

A. I review the list in an intuitive state and notice which items seem to have energy, and prioritise those. Obviously there are also things that just need doing because other people depend on them. You see, there are all sorts of things going on that we can’t know about but that information is there in the information fields. So we just have to trust that what feels right to do next is what needs to happen in the context of the bigger whole – even though we might not rationally understand it. Usually you find out what later on.

Q. That all sounds like a lazy way to just doing the stuff that’s easy and putting off the rest…

A. (laughs) Yes, there is that risk. You do need to be able to distinguish between your ego’s instincts and unattached intuitive knowing. And that comes from disciplined inner work. No way around that…

Q. So, why did you agree to this interview?

A. It came to me while I was soaking in a bath of magnesium salts just now and seemed to have energy to it. I also believe in sharing anything that might be useful to others in navigating these challenging times – which is why I am getting all the books out and teaching the courses now.

Q. Fair enough. Thank you for your time.

A. Sure. You’re very welcome.

Embodying the Future – Talk at Embodiment Conference

Embodying the Future – why the body is the key to leading from the field

In order to navigate successfully through these turbulent times of transition, we need to be able to access the information in the subtle fields. Energy can only be interpreted through the body. In order to reach up to higher dimensions we need to send our roots deeper. This session will explore the role of the body in working with subtle energies, and what we need to do individually and collectively to be able to unlock the promise that this work holds.

Register free here for the conference with loads of other great speakers too! 

Talk on Coaching from the Field

I will be speaking at The Coaching Conclave 2020 October 10-11. There’s a great line up of speakers. I’ll be talking about how you can coach people to work co-creatively with the subtle fields of information and energy so they can enhance the probability of achieving their life-affirrning goals. It will draw on my upcoming book, Leading from the Field.
If you use this link and code PETER2020, you can get a discount (PRO access at $51 instead of $60 and STANDARD access at $41 instead of $50 during registration).

Course: Organization by Natural Design

Many people exposed to Re-inventing or Teal Organizations, Integral Theory, and/or Spiral Dynamics love the concepts but struggle to work out how to apply the theory in practice. Dr Peter Merry has been applying them to organizations for nearly 20 years. In this short course he shares his understanding of the theories as well as his framings for and experiences of organizational design and development. His experience covers corporations, government and NGOs.

The Live Online version of this course includes 4 hour-long live sessions with Peter Merry, every Friday at 16.00 CET.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the microcourse, you should be able to:

  • explain how Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics can be applied to organizations
  • use the theories to inform your conversations with colleagues and clients in organizations
  • analyze the current situation and dynamics in an organization from an integral evolutionary perspective
  • explain how change works in organizational cultures and systems
  • design interventions in organizations informed by an integral evolutionary approach

The program includes:

– 10 videos
– downloadable pdfs of the slides used
– 4 live interactive webinars with Peter Merry (Live participants)
– links to extra resources
– quiz for you to check how much you have understood and what you need to take another look at
– group discussions and short assignments with interaction and feedback for those in the immersive version
– access to a private online group only for participants in this course (for Live participants includes interaction with Peter Merry)
– about 3 hours of work per week


Peter Merry, PhD is the Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity University, Founder of the Centre of Human Emergence Netherlands, and a Founding Partner of Engage!. His experience includes facilitating integral change processes in multinational organizations, in government ministries and in mutli-stakeholder initiatives with global stakeholders. He has also spent many years in the not-for-profit sector. He is a recognized expert in the field of energetics and evolutionary systems dynamics and Spiral Dynamics Integral in particular. His books include “Evolutionary Leadership”, Why Work? and Leading from the Field (forthcoming). He has a PhD with Ubiquity’s Wisdom School in Volution Theory.

Student Testimonial

If you are interested in developing yourself in a highly interactive, well resourced programme about how people can work together more satisfactorily with like-minded inquisitive, open people then this course led by Peter Merry is for you. (Course Participant – Andy)

Merry Musings #1 – Regenerative Money, Economics and Work

I’m going to be doing a monthly series of “Musings” on a topic that feels fundamental to our current condition and transition. The first one is in a couple of weeks, on money, economics and work. Do join me if you can!

This Merry Musing dives into the core of our current societal system: money, economics and work. With Extinction Rebellion launching the Money Rebellion campaign, there is likely to be increased attention to the core questions of how we organise ourselves economically to ensure fulfilling work for all that contributes to a thriving planet for all life. As in his Why Work? book, Peter describes the psycho-spirituality of work and how our current economics impacts people and nature. He also lays out how each of us could co-create and contribute to parallel local economic systems that would withdraw our consent and resources from the old dysfunctional system and build a new one to make the old obsolete.

By the end of this session you should be able to:

  • describe the core psycho-spiritual problem with the current economic system;
  • lay out a simple design for a parallel local economy; and,
  • motivate others to join you in co-creating a new economy.